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3 Mai 2001
Questionable repairs at Alaska Airlines
SEATTLE, Wash. - A top manager at Alaska Airlines testified Monday that supervisors at its Oakland maintenance facility have been allowed to sign off on repair work performed by others, even as a judge pointed to a company manual that seemed to prohibit that.
FAA to issue strict fuel tank safety rules
WASHINGTON, DC - Nearly five years after TWA Flight 800 exploded off Long Island, N.Y., federal aviation officials plan within days to issue tough new fuel-tank safety standards.
FAA proposes new fine against Alaska Air
WASHINGTON, DC - The Federal Aviation Administration proposed a $271,000 fine against Alaska Airlines on Tuesday for allegedly operating an MD-80 aircraft on 47 flights with a damaged landing gear component and allegedly failing to properly document the problem.
SPECIAL: Axe to fall on dozens of top FAA officials (repeat publish)
ASO SafetyCenter, Chicago - Air Safety has learned from credible agency sources that FAA Administrator Jane Garvey will soon fire or reassign dozens of the agency's top officials.
SPECIAL: High level FAA shakeup exposed (repeat publish)
ASO SafetyCenter, Chicago - The online version of The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that a top FAA official is being removed from his job and reassigned following complaints from airline executives and the agency's own inspectors.

7 Mai 2001
Concorde returns to Paris after tests
PARIS, France - An Air France Concorde flew back to Paris on Saturday after weeks of tests at a military airbase aimed at returning the supersonic jet to commercial service after last year's crash.
Nine rescued from downed plane
BOSTON, Mass. - A plane made an emergency ocean landing with nine people on board Sunday, and all were rescued, officials said.
FAA sets USD$235,000 fine against TransBrasil
SEATTLE, Wash. - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday said it had proposed a USD$235,000 fine on Brazil's No. 4 airline, TransBrasil Airlines, for alleged improper shipment of hazardous materials.

10 Mai 2001
Fatal accident prompts recommendation
WASHINGTON, DC - Responding to the death of a flight attendant who was sucked out of a parked jet last year, U.S. safety regulators said on Wednesday they want to make sure pilots flying Airbus Industrie A300-600 series planes are better informed about cabin pressure operations.
Study supports bag matching on flights
WASHINGTON, DC - Domestic airline schedules would not be significantly disrupted if flights were not allowed to depart when a passenger checks baggage but fails to board the plane, a study says.
FAA orders inspections of fuel tanks
WASHINGTON, DC - The government on Monday ordered airline manufacturers to inspect the designs of airplane fuel tanks to prevent fires like the one investigators blamed for the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800.

14 Mai 2001
Concorde settlement in Germany
BERLIN, Germany - Relatives of 75 German passengers who died in last year's crash of a supersonic Concorde jet outside Paris have accepted a hefty compensation offer, a lawyer for the families said Sunday.
Stockings can cut air travel blood clot risk
LONDON, England - Long-haul flights can lead to potentially serious blood clots, but travelers can reduce the risk of clotting by wearing below-the-knee elastic compression stockings, experts said Friday.
Grand jury wants files of Alaska Air officials
SEATTLE, Wash. - A federal grand jury investigating the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 has subpoenaed computer files of 11 current and former Alaska officials.
U.S. air delays prompt new ploys
NEW YORK, New York - Computer game programmer Kyle Wilson slept a total of four nights at airports last summer on two separate trips that got snarled up when bad weather caused cancellations and a crucial missed connection.

16 Mai 2001
NTSB wants more airplane tank rules
WASHINGTON, DC - New rules designed to prevent a repeat of the explosion aboard TWA Flight 800 appear to fall short of what's needed, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board says.
NTSB most-wanted safety improvements
Air Safety Online posts a list of the NTSB's top 10 most-wanted improvements, courtesy of The Associated Press.
Close call in Dallas prompts fresh airport worries
WASHINGTON, DC - A near-collision of an American Airlines jetliner and a cargo plane on the ground in Dallas last week prompted fresh concern among U.S. investigators on Tuesday about the safety of runway operations nationally.
37 dead in Turkish military crash
ANKARA, Turkey - A Turkish military aircraft crashed in southeastern Turkey Wednesday, killing all the 37 mainly military personnel on board, the armed forces and police said.

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