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obsolete among the people of the orient, and in many eastern countries, prior to some fatiguing journey, a piece of silk or Risperidone Olanzapine cotton cloth, twelve to eighteen inches wide and from ten to fifteen feet long, is folded once lengthwise and wound tightly five or six times around the abdomen and Olanzapine Tablets back. It is put on by having another person hold one end while the wearer winds himself up in it and care- fully fastens the outer end ; there is little possibility of its slipping loose. According to occidental in- terpretation this bandage is supposed to prevent the evaporation of perspiration and chilling of the ab- domen with a consequent diarrhea. It undoubtedly secures warmth, though if worn loosely, like a tur- ban, it would serve better to prevent evaporation. Fatigue is accompanied by muscular relaxation, and there is more reason for loss of tone in the ab- dominal muscles in this condition than anywhere else. A rabbit held up by the ears dies after a few hours from the fatigue and relaxation of tJie ab- dominal vessels, with a resultant fall in blood pres- sure due, indirectly, to the failure of the abdominal muscles adecjuately to support the viscera and their bloodvessels. The death of the victim hung, right side up, upon the cross was doubtless due to this cause, and if death may occur from it, great dis- turbance of the brain may be an early symptom. The drooping of abdominal organs is believed to he often due to prolonged nuiscular relaxation, and the so called "neurasthenic" symptoms of fatigue and distress in the head, may be due largely to this Online Zyprexa muscular relaxation and lack of abdominal support. At any rate a good artificial stipport, properly worn, does help and relieves the feeling of early fatigue. It also gives comfort to the obese, partly for a sim- ilar reason. It is not unlikely therefore that the abdominal binder of the oriental, since it was worn tightly, and donned before fatiguing effort rather than in the cooling off season of rest afterward, was adopted for support and to put oft' fatigue, the prevention of undue exhaustion being itself a help against intestinal disease. Where there is no malformation, abdominal mus- cles in good tone form the best sort of support, yet in those who are not strong, and who suffer, early Zyprexa Buy from fatigue in the standing posture, it seems rea- sonable to Zyprexa 10mg suppose that liie use of an artificial ab- dominal support to help out the overworked muscles would be of benefit. It is better used, however, after the oriental fashion, with pressure according to the degree of strain brought upon the muscles. It is interesting to note that the corsets most fash- ionable at Zyprexa Mg the present time, are, when Olanzapine 5mg properly ap- ])lied, of such a nature as to give abdominal support in the proper region. Whether the manufacture Buy Zyprexa of special supporting corsets has caused the fashion- able corsetier to become so sensible in his designs, by way of competition, we do not know. It is a good thing, though it is perhaps asking too much of fickle Dame Fashion that she continue the present style. IS E.MiniXE INSL'FFRIICNT IN DYSENTERY ? Dr. Llewellyn Phillips, of Cairo, has a communi- cation in the British Medical Journal for Purchase Zyprexa Olanzapine Price December Olanzapine 5 Mg 19, 1914, which possesses particular interest when studied in connection with our comments last week (page 30; on the use of emetine in dysentery. Doctor Phillips has found that relapses are frequent Olanzapine 10 Mg after the exclusive use of emetine, because although the drug is very effective against Entamoeba his- tolytica, it Zyprexa 10 is without action on the nonparasitic Entamceba coli. Thus a patient may recover rapidly from a hepatitis, but the cystic or tetragena form of the organism may then appear Zyprexa Online in the feces and persist indefinitely, giving rise to relapse have extended over a period of two and a half years. Calomel and thymol have been used with success in the cystic stage of amebiasis, and so has Olanzapine Tablet male fern, but Phillips considers the latter too poisonous a drug to be used for any length of time. Zyprexa 5 Cheap Zyprexa For a radi- Zyprexa Purchase cal cure, therefore, the writer proceeds as follows : He carries on the administration of emetine hypo- dermically for at least ten days or longer if the state of the patient demands it. This is followed by the oral administration of the drug. Subsequent courses are given at increasing intervals, as is the practice with syphilis or malaria, and in the intervals, courses of calomel combined with thymol ; if this is not Olanzapine Risperidone suffi- cient, some other intestinal parasiticide should be tried. No man should be considered cured until after several examinations no cvsts of Entamoeba 8o EDITORIAL ARTICLES. (New Yokk Medical Jooekal.

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