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Recently, however, in tuberculosis work, an effort has been made in New York city to treat simul- taneously tuberculosis and its greatest predisposing cause, poverty. This new method is based upon the recognition of the social nature of infectious dis- ease and the necessity for social treatment. It is recognized that tuberculosis is a disease of family life and of the zyban (buprpin) 150 mg home and must be treated with the family as a group. Most important is rder zyban n prescriptin the recogni- tion of the underlying economic factors and the urgency for their control and removal. On March 18, 1912, the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor began a three years' experiment in the East River Homes with the purpose of demonstrating a method of home and family treatment for tuberculosi'^ which should take cognizance also of nn-prescriptin zyban the economic factors — really the combined treatment of tuberculosis and poverty. This hospital now averages 130 families and 200 individuals, including patients hw much des zyban cst in canada and non- patients. Families are cared for in which one or more members hw much des zyban cst in ntari are tuberculous, including the wage earner. The essentials of generic zyban cst the treatment are decent housing conditions, an adequate family budget, and proper medical and social supervision. Suitable work is provided for the well members of the family, while for the zyban 150 mg 60 tablet kullan sick, proper isolation and hygienic care are assured. At the time of discharge the zyban generic buprpin family is assisted in obtaining sanitary living conditions as well as adequate and proper employ- ment for the wage earners. This treatment permits unusual educational control and makes possible the proper treatment of other types generic zyban nline of disease occurring during the family's stay in the home hospital. The equipment of the home hospital includes out- door sleeping provision hw much des zyban cst in australia in connection with the apartments, a spacious roof for the convalescents, an outdoor .';chool for the children, etc. The food supplied is supervised by a competent dietitian, while the essentials of the cure are constantly kept before the inmates by means of lectures, demonstra- tions, conferences, diaries, etc. The results recently announced in the zyban nline australia second annual report of this institution indicate that the method is a success. In no instance has a well generic zyban mem- ber of a family manifested symptoms of tuber- culosis, either while at the home hospital or since discharge. During the two years the hospital has cared for sixty-two families, including 315 in- dividuals. The results for the zyban nline n prescriptin adult groups for those cases with positive signs are as follows : Out of a total of fifty cases, twenty-one were apparently- zyban sr 150 mg tablet cured, sixteen arrested, eight improved, four not im- proved, and one ended fatally. This record com- pares favorably with that of the ordinary tuber- culosis sanatorium, especially as regards second stage zyban 150 mg bula cases. There were buy cheap zyban nline thirty-one such cases, thir- teen of which were apparently cured. Of the fif- teen first stage cases, eight were cured. buy zyban nline canada Equally effective seems to be this socialized treat- ment upon the earning power of the families. Proper supervision made it possible to increase the weekly earnings of families discharged last year, from $6.34 on admission to $11.71 on discharge. As regards the cost of treatment, including living expenses, medicine, supervision, and administration, the daily cost for a family was $3.32, for the in- dividual sixty-five cents, for the patient sixty-six cents, for the nonpatient sixty-three cents. This cost for each patient of sixty-six cents compares favorably with the average cost at seventeen New York State tuberculosis institutions giving in- liniTOHI. IL ARTICLES. 7y dividual treatment, the buy zyban nline uk figure for which is $1.40, or over twice the home hospital figure. The value of this work has been demonstrated for tenement cities ; it is soon to be experimented with in smaller d yu need a prescriptin fr zyban places, necessardy with some modification in equipment and administrative methods. It is a plan which commends itself to official municipal bodies burdened with the responsibility of checking tuberculosis. "HE GIRDED UP HIS LOINS." There is nothing new under the sun, not even the use of abdominal belts ; these have taken on new and strange forms recently, but the principle is very old. That it is old adds the weight of long usage to other arguments for its value. It is men- tioned more than once in the Bible that a character "girded up his loins" when preparing for some feat of physical endurance. The custom is by no means

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