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Questions for discussion in this department are an- nounced at frequent intervals. So far as they have been decided upon, the further questions are as follows: CLIII. — What has been your experience with condensed milk as a substitute for the mother's milk? (Closed.) CLIV. — How do you treat prostatitisf (.4nswers due not later than Buy Zetia Online January /j, 1915.) CLV. — What is your experience with high frequency currents in the treatment of tumors of the bladder? (An- swers due not later than February 15th.) Whoever answers one of these questions in the manner most satisfactory to Zetia Cheap the editors will receive a prize of $25. No importance whatever ivill be attached to literary style, but the azvard will be based solely on the value of the sub- stance of the answer. It is requested (but not required) f/iaf the answers be short, if practicable Zetia Online no answer to con- tain more than si.r hundred words; and our friends are urged to write on one side of Ine paper only. All persons will be entitled' to compete for the prize whether subscribers or Discount Zetia not. This prize will not Cholesterol Zetia be avMrd- ed to any one person more than once within one year. Every answer must be accompanied by the ivriter's full name and address, Zetia 10 Mg both of which we must be at liberty to publish. All papers contributed become the property of the Journal. Our readers are asked to suggest topics FOR discussion. The Prize of $25 for the best paper submitted in answer to Question CLJI was awarded to Dr. John E. Lind. of the Government Hospital for the Insane. Washington, D. C, whose article appeared on page 25. PRIZE QUESTION NO. CLII. THE TREATMENT OF BEDSORES. {Concluded from page 28.) Dr. Louis Neuwelt, of New York, states: Bedsores are avoidable complications, and the use of the traditional ounce of prevention will save the physician many an hour of penitence for sins of omission or commission. As this is largely a nurs- ing problem, the nurse in charge should have it indelibly impressed upon her mind that Zetia Coupons the appear- ance of a bedsore will mean her immediate dis- missal. In all patients whose vitality What Is Zetia is low from Price Of Zetia any injury, subacute or chronic disease, or age, causing a weakened state of nutrition, general or local, avoid pressure on any part of the body, particularly bony prominences such as the heels, trochanters, Zetia Discount sacrum, elbows, scapulae, and nucha. In addition to Zetia Prices avoiding pressure, be careful not to irritate or injure the skin with the accumulation of excreta, such foreign bodies as bed pans, pins, etc., or food Buy Zetia crumbs, or wrinkling of the sheet and bedclothes. Paralyzed parts should receive particular attention, as in addition to the vasomotor paralysis, the patient loses the sense of pain, and therefore does not complain of the injury, as in injuries and dis- eases of the spinal cord. The position of the patient should be changed every three or four hours and his skin kept scrupu- louslv clean, especially in cases with incontinence of urine or feces. The bed and Zetia Cost body linen should also be kept clean and all creases and folds smoothed out. The circulation and skin should be kept at their highest efficiency by Zetia Price frequent alcohol and towel rubs, and the parts dusted Cost Of Zetia with stearate of zinc. Air Zetia Coupon cushions and water or air beds are excel- lent for the prevention of pressure. As soon as redness appears, apply spirit of cam- phor to the part Zetia Discount Card three times daily, or paint it with flexible collodion. Nitrate of silver solution (five per cent.; is helpful when an ulcer begins to form, followed by irrigation Zetia Hair Loss with hydrogen peroxide. Surgical cleanliness is now demanded. When sloughs form, remove all loose tissues and overhanging skin with scissors, irrigate with hydro- gen peroxide, and apply an occlusive wet dressing of liquor Burrowii. When all the slough Cheap Zetia has sepa- rated and a healthy granulating surface is left, apply equal parts of balsam of Peru and castor oil to hasten the healing process, and touch it up occa- sionally with a three per cent, solution of silver nitrate. Ointments of zinc oxide and scarlet red, eight per cent, alternated every two days, promote epidermatization. The continuous warm full bath at a temperature of 95° to 100° F. for days and even months, gives excellent results, especially in diseases of the spinal cord, and may even be used as a prophylactic.

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