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Hochenschn'/t, pp. 013. 670, 719, 1910. 3. BELL, W. BLAIR: British Medical Journal, December 4. 1909. 4. KLOTZ, R.- \lonats- schrift fiir Gcburtshilfe und Gmakologie. x>ixvi, 1912. 5. JASCHKE, U.: Miinchener medisinische Wuchenschrijt. July 23, 1912. 6, BID- WELL, L.: Clinical Journal, Order Zestoretic Online September, [911. 7- HILL. Purchase Zestoretic Online C. A: - ■ u Journal. May !■;, 1913- «■ BISHOP, . o. KE.VTON, CRAWFORD: British igi'i. Buy Zestoretic 10. Zestoretic Price HdUSS.VY and BERUTI: 113. II. POKRITT, NORMAN: British 1914. 12. HARVEY, T. W.: Medical 13. KONKAD. E. v.: Zentralblatt iiir 914. 14. .STANLEY: Surgcrx, Cvnc- Zestoretic 20 Boston Medical and Surgic< S.: Practitioner, July, 191: Medical Journal, p. 1066, Presse medicale, July 2fi, ]■ Medical Zestoretic Strengths Journal, May 23, Zestoretic Online Record, March 21, 1914. G\nakologie 19, May 9, 1 eulogy, and Obstetrics. June, 1914. 515 Fkwkmn Street. Treatment of Fungous Laryngeal Tuberculosis. — C. Canastro, in Rcvitc licbdionadairc de laryngo- logie, d'otologie, ct dc rliinologic Purchase Zestoretic for May 16, 1914. is credited with the following procedure to be em- ployed in the treatment of cases of tuberculous laryngitis presenting polypoid vegetations over por- tions of the diseased organ, e. g., at the posterior commissure : On alternate days a small amount of (juinine hydrochloride is either insufflated over the vegetations or directly applied with the laryngeal mirror. In a few days small necrotic areas appear on the vegetations, the tissues soon after Zestoretic Generic separating off, without jjain or hemorrhage. In a case which the author reports in detail the Order Zestoretic vegetative form of tuberculosis was thus changed in twenty-six days to the Buy Zestoretic Online ordinary ulcerative and Zestoretic Cost infiltrative form, with considerable improvement in the local appearance of the diseased. ])arts. Dysphagia disappeared en- tirelv and dysphonia was greatly im])roved, and un- der further treatment with iodoform in oil and with lactic acid, the conditton was almost completely cured. The Zestoretic 20 12.5 Mg fungous characteristics are removed without surgical means or strong caustics. The Zestoretic Tablets pro- cedure can be carried out even in the case of in- tractable patients, in those with fever, and even where rather Cheap Zestoretic far advanced pulmonary disease co- exists. The tuberculous vegetations seem less re- sistant to the action of the i|ninine than the neigh- boring liealthy tissues. OUTFIT FOR URETHRAL AND BLADDER IRRIGATIONS. By Edgar G. Ballenger, M. D., Atlanta, -And Omar F. Elder, Buy Cheap Zestoretic M. D., Atlanta. The a]:)paratus shown in the drawing is one we have devised ior irrigating the urethra and bladder l)y the Valentine method. A twelve inch porcelain funnel is connected with the drain pijje by means -Ballcnge 111 Elder's apparatus for urethral and vesical irrigation. of a rubber hose. The flexibility of the rubber connection permits patients of varying height to hold the funnel in the necessary position. One tank contains boiling water and the Lisinopril 20 other cold sterile water. The pipes connecting them lead to single mi.xing pipe which contains Generic Zestoretic a thermoiueter ; this enables one to secure the temperature desired. If one does not wish the tanks and stands, the hose and funnel afford a very convenient method of dis- |)0sing of the irrigating solutions. 80; IIealey Building. OUR Zestoretic 20 25 Mg PRIZE DISCUSSIOXS. (Dur fri^f fistussions.

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