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by organized effort along ethical lines followed by the American Aledical Association in delegating this important function to women physicians, as is done in this and other States in the L'nited States. Trimox Dosage If any other argument is needed to enforce these propositions, it is found Trimox 500 in the appalling Amoxil Trimox fact that before the age of forty-five years one woman in every fourteen dies of cancer of the reproductive organs, and Trimox 500mg that one in nine after forty-five years falls victim to the same cause. Observation and conclusions. The writer, with a long surgical experience in the treatment of cancer, believes with others that operative surgery has ap- proximately reached the limit of its curative and palliative efficiency. This casts no discredit on the ever increasing benefits Order Trimox surgery has conferred on vast numbers of cancer patients, but stimulates the hope that widespread study and research will soon disclose the cause and antidote — particularly the latter. This state of aft'airs forces us to any new method which brings new power to conquer this bideous ailment, and so we turn to radium for any aid it may offer. The scope Buy Trimox of radium therapy is a question the profession and the laity desire to be answered, and it should be judged by fair and unprejudiced meth- •Read by invitatii er 18, 1914. oklyn Medical So ods of investigation, study, and observation. .-\s an aid to our judgment an appendix follows the text of the paper in the form of an abstract for 1913 from the London Radium Institute, one of the largest Amoxicillin Amoxil and best equipped institutes in the world, noted for its moderate and conservative conclusions. It contains valuable information respecting Buy Trimox Online their experience in various forms of cancer and is commended for care- ful study. The full text is found in the British Medical journal for May 21,, 1914. Lack of confidence and unbelief in radium. The writer believes that unbelief is susceptible to rea- sonable explanation, and is due to two causes: First, lack of quantity and potency of much Where To Buy Amoxicillin of the radium used; second, want of knowledge and skill in its application. From these causes honorable practitioners have met with disappointment and re- linquished its use, often not appreciating the reason for their failure. These errors time and truth Trimox Side Effects will dissipate. Again, enthusiasts in the ranks of the profession have drifted far from conservative and wise measures in the attempt to cure incurable Amoxicillin 500 Mg cases, and so the reputation of this effective remedy has suft'ered in the house of its friends. Those of an open mind, seekers after truth who can lay aside prejudices and watch the intelligent application of adequate quantities of potential radium in properly selected cases, will be able to estimate its worth. In the broad field of science and medicine nothing is more startling and impressive than the silent but destructive influence it exerts on lawless cell pro- liferation. In this quest of truth it is my Trimox Indications ])urpose to cite a few personal cases and observations of myself and others illustrative of the results obtained, and cor- roborating the value of this added force to the agents worthy of consideration. In so doing, a comparison of Amoxicillin 500 the relative merit of radium and sur- gery will be noted Where Can I Buy Amoxicillin and deductions stated. What surgery can accomplish. Surgery, by wise and adroit use of the knife, can quickly remove large areas of diseased ';tructures, benign or malig- nant, which, if they were Buy Amoxicillin allowed to remain, would be Trimox 500 Mg a menace to health or a certain cause of death. Trimox Antibiotic ]\'hat radium can accomplish. It can destroy be- nign and malignant growths without pain, shock, or danger, and with cosmetic results unequalled by other methods, Generic Trimox and often without scar. Fortimate- ly it exercises this conservative action (within well defined limits ) without injury to normal structures, the resistance of which is about six times greater than that of cancerous growth. Every surgeon of large experience meets with patients who refuse cutting operations or those who have passed the op- portunity for radical cure, and are forced to aban- don the case unless some alternate measure can be employed. Other patients absolutely refuse opera- tion when indicated. It is here that radium opens a large field for curative and palliative work. Trimox Online It mav afford substantial relief if not cure, and keep alive that vital sentiment of hope, the most precious endowment of the human soul. In any event it is the best that can be offered. Among these unfor- tunates are the timid souls who fear operation and dread the disfigurement that sometimes accompanies it, and the despairing who turn to it as a last hope whereby they may escape much of the suffering

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