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Type III, against which no passive immunity what- ever can be produced, and serum treatment is there- fore impossible. An effort has been made to increase the efficiency of Trileptal 450 Mg serum of Type 11 by concentrating it. Doctor Avery, who has carried out this study, has found it possible to concentrate Order Trileptal Online both the Type i serum and Type II serum, since it has been found that all Trileptal Coupon the immune bodies are contained in a part of the globu- lin Cheap Trileptal fraction of the protein. In the future, there- fore, it will be possible to avoid to a great Buy Trileptal Online extent the occurrence of the symptoms of serum sickness, which occur in a considerable number of the treated cases, owing to the Trileptal Generic Name large amounts of serum em- ployed. These symptoms, while somewhat dis- tressing, are apparently of no serious import. Whether by this concentration of the serum, how- ever, we shall succeed in rendering it more efficient in treatment is somewhat doubtful, for the reasons I have mentioned. If the serum is not effective, it will jirobably not be Cost Of Trileptal because it does not contain sufficient immune bodies, but because the second factor of which Trileptal Cost I have spoken is lacking. In the future study of this problem it seems of most im- ])ortance to learn more of the nature of this sec- ond factor concerned in immunity, and to attempt to find methods for quickly stimulating its production, or for transferring it from one iminial to another. Trileptal 135 Mg The studies which we arc now Tegretol Vs Trileptal carrying on relate especially to this problem. In this discussion I have laid stress on the work carried on in the hope of finding Purchase Trileptal Online a rational basis for serum therapy, rather than on the actual practical results already obtained. Trileptal Tablets It is only by discovering the underlying principles that we can hope to ob- tain satisfactory measures for combating this terri- ble infection. A sufficient number of tests with the random employment of immune serum, vaccines, etc., has already been made. We can only hope that careful experimental studies have given us Trileptal 150 justifi- cation for the employment of immune serum in the way I have mentioned, and that the practical re- sults in a large series of cases may confirm the con- clusions drawn and the results alreadv obtained. Utility of Uncombined Quinine. — MacGilchrist, in Sciiiaiiir nicdicalc for Marcli 11, 1914, it is said, states that uncombincil ciuininc, though but slightly soluble in water (one in 2,000) is absorbed as rapid- ly and as completely as Trileptal Acne are the salts of quinine. It is much less likely to cause gastric irritation, and being practically tasteless, can be readily adminis- tered in powder form. CHASE: RADIUM THERAPY 63 A CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE OF RADIUM THERAPY FROM THE CLINICAL STANDPOINT.* By Walter B. Chase, Trileptal Vs Tegretol M. D., New York, Surgeon, Bethany Deaconess Hospital; Consulting (iynecologist. Long Island College Hospital, etc. If a new perspective is required to grasp the magnitude of the cancer problem and the need for new and more effective agents for its treatment, the reader is referred to an excerpt from the report of the board of heaUh of this great metropohs in the issue for December 5th last, which records a mortaHty in a single week of 115 from cancer. In round numbers this means 6,000 deaths by malig- nancy per annum in Greater Buy Cheap Trileptal New York, 12,000 in this State ; and a total of 120,000 deaths per annum in the United States. Doubtless this is below the true Trileptal 150 Mg number for the reason many individuals and families dislike to have the true cause of death given in mor- tuary statistics, and so many are otherwise reported. Again, failure to make early accurate diagnosis in other cases is Trileptal 60 Mg a fertile source of error. The need of early Order Trileptal and exact diagnosis of all tumors, warts, moles, and the pathogenesis of bleeding from the vagina and uterus is disclosed in the fact that a large proportion of malignant diseases is not ac- curately diagnosticated until the growth has at- tained considerable proportions or, metastasis has occurred. If the attendant has any doubt of entire differentiation, the patient is entitled to the opinion of an expert. The supreme importance of this last proposition becomes more apparent when we recall the fact that cancer in its incipiency is always a single localized lesion and, if accessible, is curable by excision or destruction of its malignant cells. This leads to the impressive fact that information to the public, and to women in particular, of these truths

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