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ly so great or so striking as that of the serum of animals imnumized by the injection of living bac- teria. The experimental studies, therefore, do not indicate that an immune serum obtained bv the in- jection of toxin possesses any high degree of anti- toxic or protective power. The action of a so called antitoxic serum produced in the manner described, contrasted with the action of an immune serum pro- duced by the Generic For Toprol Xl injection of living bacteria, is shown in the following table ( Table vi Is Toprol A Beta Blocker ) . TABLE VI. .■\cTiox OF Pneumococcus Immunk Serum. Antibacterial serum. Antitoxic serum. .Agglutination... Toprol Xl Vs Generic -I- o .\ntihemolvsis. . . -f- + Protection .\ctive : high Less active ; slight specificity as regards Toprol Xl 100 Mg tvpe. specificity as regards tvpe. .\ntito.xic action Doubtful Doubtful If it is true that pneumococci produce their effects by some subtle mechanism closely associated with their life processes, such as I have previously sug- Uourrml of Exf'e 6o COLIi: I'NHUMOCOCCUS INriiCTlON. [New Youk MeviCAL Journal. gested in discussiiif^ mctliemoglobin formation, these effects will probably be prevented only by inhibiting the Generic Name For Toprol Xl growth and Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl multiplication of the bacteria in the body. The possibility of producing active immu- nity in animals by the injection of repeated and in- creasing doses of living pneumococci has been known since 1891. It ha.s also been known that by the scrum of these immune animals passive immu- nity may be conferred Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate upon other animals. On theoretical grounds, therefore, it would seem that Toprol Xl Generic Recall the administration of such immune serum should have a favorable influence on pneumococcus infec- tion in man. As a matter of fact, such immune serums have been largely employed in the past, but the clinical observations have not indicated that they have any favorable influence on the course of the disease. In 1904, Anders collected and discussed the reports of 535 Toprol Generic Equivalent cases of pneumonia treated by means of immune serum. His conclusion at that time was that the results did not justify the fur- ther employment of this method. Further experimental studies, however, have dis- closed reasons why such immune serum, as it was previously employed, would not be likely to show any beneficial results. In the first place, a pneumo- coccus immune serum is effective only against the type of organism used in the process of immuniza- tion. If, for instance, immunization is carried out with organisms of Type i, it may be expected, judg- ing from experimental Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker studies, that it will have Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol no effect on any infection due to one of the other types of pneumococci. Similarly, a serum produced by the injection of pneumococci of Type 11 can have no effect on any in.fection due to other types of pneumo- cocci than that employed for immunization. Finally, if the immunization is carried out with one of the organisms of Type iv, it Generic Name For Toprol can have no effect on any infection Toprol Xl Generic Name except that due to the same race. \Ne have lately examined an antipneumococcus serum now on Cost Of Toprol Xl the market and possibly being employed in a considerable number of cases of pneumonia. This serum is said to be polyvalent, but experiments have shown that it has absolutely no protective power against organisms of Type i or Type 11 or in fact against any of the organisms against Toprol Xl Coupon which we have tested it. It has undoubtedly been jirepared bv the injection of a group of organisms, all Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall of them of Type jV. Its use in treatment, therefore, undoubted- ly does more harm than good. Even when im- munization has Toprol Xl Beta Blocker been carried out with organisms of Type 1 or 11, mixed with numerous other organisms Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent of Group IV, it is probable that the degree of active immunization to organisms of either Type I or Type II has not been sufficient to produce a serum activelv jirotective against either one of them. In order to render an antipneumococcus serum theoretically useful in any type of pneumonia, it would be necessary, first, to produce a serum with high protective ]iower against the type of organisms concerned; second, to have a satisfactory method of standardization Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl of such serum: and, last, to have a

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