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{Concluded from page J.) METHODS OF SPECIFIC TRE.^TMENT. In 100 mg topamax the following discussion of treatment the con- sideration of nonspecific measures is not omitted because their value is not recognized. Certainly, in the treatment of patients with pneumonia, all pos- sible means of stimulation and all known measures for increasing natural powers of resistance by non- specific measures should be employed. Our own studies also have inckided no observations concern- ing the value of active immunization, that is, the use of vaccines in this disease. While chemotherapy topamax generic brand has been notably successful in the cure of certain protozoan infections, the at- tempt to produce bacterial sterilization of the body without harm to the host has not non prescription topamax been promising. iSecause of the empirical observation that quinine apparently has some effect on the course of puieu- monia in man, Morgenroth experimented with va- rious organic derivations of quinine and finally dis- covered one which he called ethylhydrocuprein, which apparently was able to exert slight protective and curative action in infected mice. It was topamax generic weight loss also shown by Wright and others that this substance is directly harmful to pneumococci m vitro. Even though the protective dose for animals was found to approximate closely the toxic dose, several series of cases of pneumonia in man have been treated with this drug. It was soon found, however, that in man the danger of toxic action was very great ; am- blyopia occurred in a considerable number of cases, and on this account the practical value of this drug in the treatment of pneumonia is very doubtful. The method of specific treatment of bacterial in- fection for which at present there exists the best, or perhaps the only experimental justification is by means of specific immune serum or, topamax generic availability in other words, passive immunization. The most striking restdts which have been obtained by the use of immune serums topamax generic price do i need a prescription for topamax have been in diphtheria and tetanus. In both instances topamax mg for weight loss the action of the serum does not con- sist in a destruction of the infecting bacteria or in an inhibition of their growth, but in a neutraliza- tion get prescription topamax of the toxin produced by them. This is one of the reasons, at least, why we have considered it of so much importance to learn more concerning the nature of the substances, if there are such, to which the symptoms of pneumonia are due. If sucli a substance could be topamax generic vs brand found, it might migraine prescription topamax be possible to obtain a neutralizing substance, either by chemical measures or by means of biological reactions. As has previoudy buying topamax online been stated, however, the attempts to find such an intoxicating substance produced by pneumococci have not yielded promising results. In spite of the fact that the evidence does not strongly suggest that the toxic substance obtained from the bodies of need prescription topamax pneumococci, or the so called anaphyla- toxin, plays an important role in inducing the mani- festations of pneumococcus infection, we have nev- ertheless attempted to produce an immune serum to this toxic substance in the hope that it might have some power to overcome the effects of this infec- tion. The previous efforts to produce active immunity to the so called anaphylatoxin of other bacteria have yielded discordant and confusing results. Zinsser' has lately shown that if guineapigs are inoculated with a sublethal dose of typhoid anaphylatoxin, the animals after a period of seven to sixteen days show a topamax 50mg and weight loss greater resistance to this toxin than do con- trol animals previously untreated. The results ob- tained, buy topamax online without script however, were not very constant or striking. Our topamax order online own observations confirm these results. We have, nevertheless, attempted the immunization of larger animals. The use of satisfactory controls when employing large animals like the sheep is manifestly impossible, so that while the actual de- gree of resistance attained cannot be stated, it was found that by administering to sheep repeated doses of the toxin, gradually increasing the size of the dose, they might become so resistant as to stand without harm doses of the toxin as large as that pre- pared from the bacteria contained in two litres of a bouillon culture. When an attempt was made to transfer this immunity passively to topamax order guineapigs, however, the results were questionable, and we must believe that it is doubtful whether any neu- tralization of the toxic substances can be obtained in this way. The antiinfectious action of such a serum was also tested by administering it to mice, mixed with lethal doses of living bacteria. It was found to have some topamax 100 mg weight loss effect, and the protective power was not order topamax canada very specific as regards type of organism, that is, an antitoxic immune serum obtained bv the in- jection of a toxm prepared from organisms of Type i, had almost as high protective power against organ- isms of Type II as it did against the homologous or- ganisms. It might be thought that this lack of spe- cificity would render such a serum eminently suita- ble for treatment, since the necessity for determina- tion of the type of organism concerned in .each case would be avoided. The protective power of such a serum for any of the types of pneumococci. how- ever, including the homologous one, was not near-

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