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57 clone, and that with fatal result. The Bulgarian surgeon has a deep affection for plaster dressings for either simple or compound fractures, and he did not hesitate to put on a heavy plaster cast for trans- portation to the next station where, of course, it was likely to be removed and again replaced. An)' medical service ui the field would suffer no loss if plaster of Paris was not supplied. Many wounds were infected. Though no data were kept on this condition, 1 should say that not half Generic Thorazine the number were clean, and that among the infected cases the greater number were light, and septic conditions were not frequent. The first aid packet and its advantages were known to the Bulgarians, Thorazine Iv but the army was not pro- vided with them at the beginning of the first war, although great stores had been Thorazine Bipolar received from Russia during the Thorazine 10 Mg lirst month of the campaign. A Bulgarian soldier who had returned from America "for the fun of the war" told Thorazine 100 Mg me that the first aid packet was "good stufY" and "you give soldier first Buy Thorazine aid packet first; afterward Thorazine Chlorpromazine his gun." Most of the men of his regiment wore their packets out Chlorpromazine Thorazine and many others were lost, but his comrades were in great delight when they captured a Servian wagon train with a large number of first aid packets to renew their supply. As a word naturally must be said concerning the relative proportion of wounds inflicted by the variotis arms, it is significant to note that in this campaign, where much of the action was in fixed position with a greater employment Thorazine Uses of artillery Purchase Thorazine Online than with a moving force, the rifle wounds were about seventy-five per cent., v/ith shrapnel wounds making up most of the remaining twenty-five per cent., which included shell, bayonet, and pistol wounds. The incidence of bayonet wounds as found in Thorazine 50 Mg hos- pitals is not to be taken as a measure of the use of this weapon in battle, because it leaves more dead on the field than wounded to be counted in the hos- pitals. The pistol wound is entitled to only passing notice, as it occurred in only one known case in which a Mauser pistol ball was extracted. The question of the use of dumdum bullets, in the form of crimination and recrimination, seems to be a perennial one, even out of the natural habi- tat of all human atrocities — the Balkan Peninsula. There was no indication nor evidence in Purchase Thorazine the 10,000 cases which passed through the Kustenkil Hospital from a battlefield where soldiers fought with per- sonal enmity and hatred that dumdum bullets were Thorazine 25 Mg generally used, and in an exhibit of abotit fifty rifle projectiles removed from the body under my per- sonal observation, only one, from a Greek rifle, showed that the jacket had been worn ofif the nose by scouring on a stone, although in this instance the projectile was found undeformed in the body. The medical supplies and dressings were plentiful and more than sufficient for the service needs in our hospital, which had been moved from Kirk- Kilisse, Thorazine 200 Mg where it was Buy Thorazine Online stationed during the first war, and which had then come into possession of several hundred unconsumed chests of Turkish medical supplies. The therapeutic agents most indicated and em- ployed were iodine, benzine, alcohol, balsam of Peru, and a proprietary nascent oxygen prepara- tion, which has three times the strength of the offi- cial hydrogen peroxide and is therefore three times as efficient in the same bulk. Iodine is the most valuable of all antiseptics in military surgery, but its recent rise to fame had so impressed the Bul- garian surgeons that their gunshot wounds often had a Buy Cheap Thorazine hard run for the terminal stages of convales- cence against the persistent and heroic iodine treat- ment. There were several other hospitals in Kustenkil ; one tor cholera, one for other contagious diseases, one for medical cases, and two for wounded. One of the latter was the personal possession ancl under the direction of the Bulgarian queen, who had quar- ters adjacent thereto Order Thorazine which she frequently occu- pied ; the other was of irregular military origin, commanded by a young Bulgarian reserve medical officer graduated in Russia, who had returned for the war from a gynecological service Order Thorazine Online in the hospital of the University of Kiev. The queen's hospital was most complete in its personnel, materiel, organization, and administration and quite well prepared to do scientific surgery. It was in charge of a young American surgeon. Dr. .\.nton Dilger, Thorazine Online called by the queen from the Heidel- berg surgical clinic where he was an assistant. In the early days of my sojourn it was so feared that Kustenkil would fall into the enemy's hands, that

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