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daily administered. There was said to be no typhoid and comparatively few cases of malaria. Latrines were of an individual type, to conform to the Moslem religious rites, with a shallow hole surrounded by a canvas screen, placed more than far enough from the camp limits. Their use was en- forced, when necessary by a gitard, and any violation was punished by flogging. Picket lines were scrupulously clean, and in one camp a picket orderly was charged with the duty of the immediate, if not direct, removal of manure to a nearby incinerator. First aid packets had been provided for before the war, and it was the purpose of the sanitary de- partment to have every man equipped with one. This, however, was not done at the tenormin tablet time of the mobilization, and tenormin 25 but few soldiers carried them dur- ing the first phase of the war. At this time, I was told, every soldier carried his first aid packet in a special pocket at the inside of the front and bottom of one skirt of his blouse, after the German fashion, and I found it there without exception in the men I inspected. On the last day of my visit there were 800 re- ported sick with no deaths, and this number with the lower estimate of the strength of the command as 150,000 makes a rate generic tenormin of about five per cent. Without time for further details, it may be said that the sanitary conditions of the Turkish army at Chatalja were relatively as good as they would have been in an American army which had to meet the same military conditions, and I am inclined to be- lieve that buy tenormin the ineffectives from preventable disease were even fewer. THE SECOND WAR. The second tenormin 50mg Balkan war occupied the month of July, 1913, in two adjacent theatres in Macedonia, on the west and southwest of the Bulgarian frontier, with the Servians on the west and the Greeks on the east combined against the Bulgars. After the campaign was well advanced the Bul- garian army was on or slightly advanced beyond the southwest frontier of their country, with lines ex- tending cheap tenormin along the western and the western portion of the southern frontier, in which position it rested when the war was finished. I was assigned as a volunteer, by the Bulgarian war department, to ser- vice in an evacuation hospital at Kustenkil, a rail- road town in southwest Bulgaria about ten miles from the Macedonian border and the headquarters of the Fifth Bulgarian Field Army. I joined one tenormin atenolol week before the cessation of hos- tenormin syrup 56 FORD: THE BALKAN WARS. [ New York Medical Jouknal. tilities and remained for four weeks and until the order tenormin online hospital was practically evacuated. The location was in a highschool building in which there were less than 500 beds, although the hospital was rated at 700. More than 1,000 cases were cared for at one time by quartering the less severely wounded in an adjacent building without beds. A surgeon cheapest tenormin purchase tenormin from the civil buy tenormin online hospital service, who was a reserve medical officer, was in command, and assisted by two order tenormin other reserve medical officers, one of whom had been educated in London and spoke English. The remaining personnel was composed of several nurses trained in the civil hospital service and volun- purchase tenormin online teers of both sexes from the school teacher and student classes. There was one natural aid to the sanitary condition of this hospital in the occurrence of a very hot spring, for which the town had been noted since Emperor Constantine's day, that was utilized for laundry purposes by the gypsies who tenormin online were impressed into the military service as laven- deros, and through whose labors the hospital was supplied with clean linen. The function of the hos- pital was to receive and care for the wounded only from that portion of the line more accessible to Kustenkil than to any other evacuation point, buy cheap tenormin and to transfer them by rail to Sofia with as much ex- pedition tenormin 25 mg as circumstances would permit. Most all of our cases came from the Fourth Field Army, which was operating tenormin 25mg in a zone with an advance base at Tzarvacella, about thirty miles distant, and all of tenormin iv the casualties from this zone were evacuated through Kustenkil. .'X.bout 10,000 cases in all were admitted to this hospital, and about 4,000 cases were received during my period of service. The severest engagements

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