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IN THE LATE BALKAN WARS.* By Clyde S. Ford, M. D., Major, Medical Corps, U. S. Army, Fort Leavenworth, Kans. However deeply our attention may be centred on the tragic scenes of heroic proportions now passing in Europe, we must await, perhaps for some time, the reports from which we may be able to draw conclusions of value. As all of the great nations, which have led the modern world in the develop- ment of all branches of military art, are now en- gaged in military Suhagra For Women practice, we shall soon have such a mass of experience in all military departments, •Read .It the Twenty-third Suhagra 100 Annn.nl Meeting, Associ.ition of Mili- l.iry Snrgeons of the United States. Cincinn,iti, Ohio, September ->!<. January 9, igiSj FORD: THE BALKAN WARS.. 53 that new rules of technic may be formulated which may depreciate the minor precedents of the past. Although it seems almost presumptuous to offer any account of that lesser tragedy, in two small acts, which has been recently presented in the theatre of the Balkan Peninsula, it may be worth while to consider, in the meantime, some general observations of conditions which, after all, may occur again. THE FIRST WAR. It Suhagra Price will be remembered that the war between the Balkan allies and Turkey occupied two theatres, in which each operation was of a somewhat different character. The principal field, which was in Thrace, was occupied by the stronger portion of the Bul- garian army and the Turkish army Suhagra Tablet of the east, which opposed the direct attack upon Constan- tinople. The other field covered the remaining por- tion of Turkey in Europe, chiefly Macedonia, where the well scattered divisions of the Turkish army of the west were attacked by the Servians from the north and the Greeks from the south. It was on the Thracian plains that the hardest battles were fought and the issues of the war finally determined, as it was there that Constantinople was invested and all but subdued, Suhagra Tablets and Generic Suhagra it was to this field that the attention of the Ottoman capital was imme- diately and vitally directed and to which, also, my meagre observations were limited. The Thracian campaign Suhagra In India was concluded in two phases. The first phase occupied the beginning two weeks of the war from October i6 to Suhagra 100 Cipla October 31, 1912, and resulted in the investment of Adrianople, the complete rout of the Buy Suhagra Turkish army of the east, and its disordered retreat to the Chatalja line, the outer defenses of Buy Suhagra Online Constantinople some twenty miles west of that city. The second phase, much more prolonged by the operations of siege laid to Adri- anople and the Chatalja line and interrupted by a long armistice, lasted from November to May and was ended only in the conclusion of the war by the Treaty of London. I arrived in Constantinople three days Suhagra 100mg after the formation of the Chatalja lines and two weeks be- fore the determined but unsuccessful Bulgarian assault, which lasted three days and which Suhagra 50 is now known as the battle of Chatalja. As two weeks had elapsed between the termination of the first phase and the beginning of the second, all Cipla Suhagra the wounded from the former had found their way into Constan- tinople and had filled to overflowing the military, civil, and improvised hospitals. At this time, however, although the army was relieved of its wounded, an epidemic of cholera, which had begun to rage during the first weeks of the campaign from a number of foci of infections Cipla Suhagra 100 brought by the Anatolian troops from Asia Suhagra Cipla Minor, was at its height. Several thousand cases had been gathered at the rail head of the Chatalja lines at Heydemkui : several thousands more were being carried back and impounded at Suhagra Online the rail base at San Stefano. some of whom were carried thence across the Marmora to Ishmed. While the cholera camp at San Stefano has become known to the world as a great pest hole, and while Cheap Suhagra it is true that the thousands of sick received there were at first without shelter and not well housed for days, two things must Order Suhagra be said in extenuation of the harsh criticisms of Suhagra 50 Mg the Turkish administration,

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