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admirably the progress of the armies on silagra 50 both silagra cipla sides up to the end of the fourth month. Of special, but so far of little understood importance, is the attitude of Turkey to- ^vard Christian Europe and America ; this is set forth with ruthority by silagra tablets Oscar S. Straus. Dr. George F. Herrick, and judge Lobeiigier. .\n excellent article, which we commend 'o our readers, is The Physical Emancipation of Porto Rico, by Alton silagra uk G. Grinnell, who tells of the important cam- paign against hookworm and patent medicines, which has played so large a part in the redemption of the island. Uftiiuis of silagra tablet 'f otiU llttiifal ^ocittifs. MoND.w, January 4th. — Clinical Society of New York Throat, Nose, and Lung Hospital ; German Medical Society of the City of New York ; Utica Medical Library Association ; Niagara Falls Academy of Medi- cine ; Brooklyn Hospital Club ; Hornell Medical and Surgical .Association ; Clinical Society of the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital. TuESD.w. January 5th. — New silagra online York Academy of Medicine (Section in Dermatology); New York Neurological Society (annual) ; Clinical Society of the West Side German Dispensary and .School for Clinical Medicine ; Amsterdam City Medical Society (annual) ; Lockport Academy of Medicine ; Society of .Mumui of Lebanon Hospital, New York ; Syracuse .'\cademy of Medicine ; Buffalo Academy of Medicine (Section in Surgery) ; Ogdensburgh Medical Association ; Oswego Academy of Medicine (annual) ; Medical Association of Troy and \"icinii\ (annual) : Medical .Societv of the Countv 48 UIIICIAL NEWS.— BIRTHS, MARRIAGES. AXD DEATHS. of Vatts (amiual) ; -Medical Society of the County of Orange (annual) , Medical Society of the County of Cattaraugus (annual). VVkdxksday, January 6th. — Brooklyn Society for Neurol- ogy; Society of Alumni of Bellevue Hospital; Harlem Medical Association; Bronx Medical Association; El- inira Academy of Medicine ; Psychiatrical Society of \'ew York (annual) ; Society of Alumni of silagra price St. John's Hospital, Brooklyn ; Schenectady Academy of Medi- cine; Medical Society of the County of Genesee. TnuRSnAY, January yih. — New York Academy of Medi- cine (stated meeting); Brooklyn Surgical .Society; Practitioners' Club, Buffalo ; Geneva Medical Society (annual); Glens Falls Medical and .Surgical .Society; (jloversville and Johnstown Medical A-isociation (annual). Friday, January Sth. — New Y'ork .Academy of Medicine (Section in Otology) ; Society of Kx-Interns of the (jerman Hospital in Brooklyn ; Flatbush Medical So- ciety, Brooklyn; Eastern Medical Society of the City of New York (annual) ; .Society of the .Mumni of St. Luke's Hospital. mm i«tos. United States Army Intelligence : Official list of changes in the stations and duties of offi- cers serving in the Medical Corps of the United States .Irmy for the week ending December 26, 1914: Austin, Thomas C. Captain, Medical Corps. Leave of absence previously granted has been extended two months. Bell, C. silagra 50 mg R., First Lieutenant, Medical Corps. Relieved from duty at purchase silagra I'ort Bliss,- Texas, and ordered to take the transport to sail from San Francisco, Cal., on or cheapest silagra about .April 5. 1915, for the Hawaiian Islands. Bell, Joseph L., First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps. Relieved from active duty on or about January 1st at Nogales, Arizona, and buy silagra after expiration of such leave of silagra 100 mg absence as may be due him. will stand relieved from active duty in the reserve corps. Bliss, Raymond W., First Lieutenant, Medical Corps. Relieved from duty at Fort .'\pache, Arizona, and generic silagra ordered to sail from .San Francisco, Cal., on or about Alay 5, 1915, for the Hawaiian Islands. Casper, Joseph, Captain, Medical Corps. Ordered to proceed to camp at Ysidro, Cal., from the Presidio of San Francisco Cal., for temporary duty. Conner, order silagra C. H., Captain, Medical Corps. Granted one month's leave of absence effective December 20, iyi4. buy silagra online Culler, Robert M., Captain, Medical Corps. Re- lieved from duty in Hawaiian Department, effective on the arrival of the March 15, 1915, transport from the Philippine Islands, and then buy silagra uk ordered to cheap silagra proceed to the United States. Demmer, order silagra online Charles C, Captain, Medical Corps. Relieved from duty in the Hawaiian Depart- ment, effective on the arrival of the April 15, 1915 trans- port from the Philippine Islands, and buy cheap silagra then ordered to

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