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was considered almost a miracle, as he felt that his study showed and ])roved the value of the blood tests. He divided the d.;uigers buy renova nf transfusion into the immediate and the late or delayed dangers. The first or immediate was acute dilatation of the heart consequent upon an inflow of blood of such force and rate that the recipient's heart was overwhelmed. A definite train of signs and symptoms indicated such a condition, which could always be recognized and avoided by the careful operator, especially if he was experienced in this line of work. The renova coupon late or delayed danger was that of hemolysis, which could be prognosticated in practically every instance by careful tests prior to transfusion. In the emergencies no thought should be given to hemolysis or anything else. Far better was it to transfuse im- mediately and save a renova prices jjatient from imminent death, running the slight risk order renova of a late hemolysis, than to temporize with tests which required at least two hours, even under the most propitious circumstances, for their proper performance, during which time buy renova cream the last flicker of life might disappear. Where, how- ever, there was time, and in the majority of instances such was the case, failure to have the tests done was an inexcusable blunder. discount renova The majority of bad re- sults were not reported, and he knew of numerous instances of hemolysis which, for one reason or another, he buy renova online could not include where can i buy renova in his study. So that, instead of an incidence of two per cent., the true in- cidence of hemolysis would probably be at present nearer four per cent. ; and practically all of it could be prevented. Radium in the Treatment of Cancer of the Uterus. — Dr. J. Louis Raxsohoff, of Cincinnati, said that radium was renova canada of undoubted value in cancers of the uterus, at any and every stage of the disease. The control of hemorrhage, discharge, and pam was undoubted. The radium had renova online a beneficial local action renova uk resulting in the local disappearance of the disease, in every renova cream instance. The question as to whether radium had a permanent curative effect on cancers of the uterus must be left to the future to decide, as a large number of permanent cures was necessary before the claims of radium could be substantiated. The same might be said of the use of radium in operable cases. At i)resent, if price of renova possible, radium should be used in all cases of inoperable cancers of the uterus when the jiatient was not in the extreme stage of emaciation and cachexia. If the promises of radium in the treatment of cost of renova can- cers of the uterus were substantiated by permanent cures, radium might, in the future, entirely supplant operation, unless improved technic decreased the large operative mortality and ])romised a liigher percentage of radical cures. Renal Infections from a Bacteriological Point of View. — Dr. Irvix .S. Koll. of Chicago, said that to consider jjroperly the bacteriology of renal infections, one must take into consideration the various factors that acted as contributory to the passage of the ]iathogenic bacteria into the renova purchase kidney. The relative importance of the now accepted three routes, lymphogenous, hematogenous, and urogen- ous, offered considerable interest. Their present definite knowledge of the lyin]ih channels draining from the intestinal tract into the kidney readily ac- counted for the frequency of infections of the kid- ney associated with acute and chronic gastroin- testinal disturbances. Infections through the ufeter might lie purchase renova online eitht-r extra or intra ureteral. Of ]iarticular importance was cheap renova the pyelitis asso- I'ROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 43 ciated with pregnancy, the frequency of which was estimated as renova cost high as twenty per cent, by some ob- stetricians. Of late the route through the blood seemed to have been neglected in the consideration of the carriage of bacteria to the kidney. Its importance, however, should not be underestimated, as there could be no doubt that the circulatory system as a carrier of bacteria was of as great importance as the lymph stream. Three factors should be recognized in arriving at a diagnosis which would give a basis for a rational treatment ; What was the contributing cause? What was the invading organism? What was the pathology — pyelitis, pyelonephritis, or pyo- nephrosis ? Experimental Studies in the Production of renova price Chronic Gastric Ulcer. — Dr. Walter \V. Ham- burger^ of Chicago, believed that he had reproduced experimentally in dogs chronic ulcer of the stomach in a way strikingly similar to the clinical syndrome in man. While it was dangerous to draw parallels between artificial conditions in animals and clinical

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