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with secondary glandular enlargement, the x rav tube is probably the best because large doses, ac- curately measured, can be given. From Mirtazapine 15 Mg the mechani- cal standpoint the form of the agent is of im- portance. Radium can be used with advantage in the depth of a large tumor in the form of an emana- tion tube. The patient's health must also be con- ■^idered in determining the agent. In weak patients an application of radium may be made daily for one Order Remeron to three days and then treatment suspended for two to three weeks. The involved tissues are also a factor in Remeron Price the selection of the agent. Lastly, the i|uestion of expense involved in the purchase and use of radium also has a bearing on the choice. Radium has the advantage over the x ray in the collection of an emanation. 15 Mg Mirtazapine Radium emanation tubes can be transported and further, they can be shaken so as to apply the emanation tq the surface or into the depth. This is the supreme advantage possessed by radium. Diathermia in Medicine and Surgery, by E. P. Cumberbatch. — It is used in the form of diathermia cautery, in which the tissues are coagulated in situ Buy Remeron Online by being raised Mirtazapine Mg to an extreme heat, brought about by the passage of the diathermia current Mirtazapine 30 through them. As the heat is Purchase Remeron Online generated in the tissue itself, it is not limited in extent as when supplied by a metal cautery. In diathermia the electrode is cold when placed on the tissues and becomes warm from contact with the Mirtazapine 15 electrically heated tissues. In the other methods, the cauterizing metal is hot when in- 4-' I'KOClllLDINGS OF SOC/HTIliS. (Ntw Yo«K Medical JoukkaI- trcidiKcil and Ijccoims cold in contact with the tis- sues. The temperature obtained during diathermia will destroy both healthy Generic Remeron and diseased tissues if they are present in the same zone. In the outlying zones the abnormal cells may succumb to a tem- ])erature not sufficient to impair the vitality of the healthy cells. In this way it ma)- have a selective actiun'on outlying cells of new growths that have Purchase Remeron inl'illi.-itfd healthy tissue. iMISSISSll'I'l \'.\LLI>:V MRDU.VL ASSOCIA- TION. Forticlh Annual Meeting, Held at Cincinnati, Octo- ber jj, 2H, and 2g, ipi.j. The President. Dr. D'Orsay Hecht, of Chicago, in the Chair. Factors Which Determine the Advisability of Prostatectomy. — Dr. William F. Br.xasch, of Rochester, Minn., concluded: i. With stone in the bladder it was usually advisable to remove the stone and drain the bladder for a time prior to prostatec- tomy. 2. Stone in the bladder might cause tem- Remeron Online porary enlargement of the prostate. 3. Pyelone- phritis was a frequent complication of bladder drain- age and a Order Remeron Online strong resistance should be established before attempting operation. 4. The renal condition was better estimated prior to operation by clinical evidence than by laboratory tests. 5. Cystoscopic examination, while valuable in a certain condition, might be the cause of harm if used as a routine pro- cedure. 6. Urethroscopic examination was occa- sionally of greater value than cystoscopic examina- tion. It was particularly valuable with intraurethral h\ -pcrtrophy and with carcinoma. Hemolysis Following Transfusion of Blood. — Dr. IhcRTRAM B. Bernheim, of Baltimore, having had one fatal case of hemolysis following an emer- gency transfusion of blood and one nonfatal case following a transfusion for therapeutic purposes, sent out a question form to various men throughout the Buy Cheap Remeron country with the view of ascertaining just how frec|uently hemolysis did occur following trans- Remeron Tablets fusion, and what were the consequences. Briefly, he found that in 800 reported transfusions there were fifteen instances of macroscopic hemolysis, an inc-idence of Cheap Remeron about two per cent. In these fifteen cases there were eleven recoveries and four deaths. Xo hemolytic tests were made in Remeron Mg three of the in- stances where death occurred, although there was plenty of time to do so in two of the cases. The third was Btrnheim's own case, which was a post- operative emergency where there was no time. In the fourth death tests were made, and it was known that the "donor's cells were slightly agglutinated by the ])atient's scrum," but since agglutination was an entirely Remeron Cost different ]irocess Buy Remeron from hemolysis, and since no other donor was available, it was considered fair- ly safe to use this donor, and a fatality occurred. Tests were made in eleven of the fifteen recov- eries, and in nine instances hemolysis was prognos- ticated. That there were no fatalities in this group

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