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tests, the authors strongly recommend for prophy- lactic immunization in human subjects three injec- tions at two day intervals of the sediment of a dried, ground culture — sensitized by the addition of a definite amount of immune rabbit serum — of sev- eral local strains of the t)-phoid bacillus. -The proper dosage is put down as 3/32 mgm. of the original dried culture, this corresponding to about 750 million living typhoid bacilli. Results obtained with the typhoidin skin test, recently described bv Gay and Force, in purchase prozac the prognosis of typhoid fever are buy prozac uk also mentioned. The reaction was positive in ninety-five per cent, of recovered cases of typhoid, and was proved prozac price without insurance to indicate an interaction of anti- gen and antibody, the presence of the latter imply- ing immunity to the disease. A negative skin test after antityphoid vaccination is rega-rded as indi- cating revaccination. Hexamethylenamine as a Urinary Antiseptic, by L. H. Levy and A. Strauss. — A report of inves- tigations of the urine in prozac cost per pill ninety-one cases in which hexamethylenamine was used as a urinary antisep- tic is given. Tests as to the efl'ect of hexamethyl- enamine solution on various microorganisms ?';/ Titro were also made. The drug in neutral solu- tion in concentrations up to one in ten was found to be neither antiseptic nor bactericidal. Given by mouth it was prozac discount coupons observed to break down, with libera- tion of formaldehyde, in all acid urines wlien the dose used was seven and a half grains three times a day. In all cases except those with a urinar^■ acidity greater than normal, formaldehyde was formed in buy prozac online no prescription the bladder, and in buy prozac online no prescription needed the high acidity cases, some was formed in the kidneys. It was found that the concentration of formaldehyde necessary to inhibit the growth of the colon bacillus is one in 5,000. Upon giving seven grains of the drug generic prozac three times a day, formaldehyde is never liberated in con- centrations greater than one in 5,000, and the only organism against which such a dose is effective is tlie typhoid bacillus. Hexamethylenamine ap- peared buy generic prozac no prescription to the authors most efficacious as a prophy- lactic against pyelitis or cystitis in typhoid fever. Blood Platelets and Tuberculosis, by G. B. \\'ebb, G. B. Gilbert, and L. C. Havens. — An ex- ])eriniental and clinical study of the relationship of the blood platelets to tuberculosis is reported. The number of platelets was found increased in tu- berculosis in both man and the guineapig. The experiments tended to show that the platelets either contain or supply opsonin. Addition of a small amount of a thick emulsion of platelets to a fatal dose of tubercle bacilli seemed to modify the course of a tuberculous infection or even to prevent it. At an altitude of 6,000 feet the number of plate- lets was found increased both in man generic prozac price and the guineapig. Pulmonary Physical Signs and X Ray Findings in Healthy Adults, by L. Hamman and F. H. Baetjer. — Fifty apparently healthy students and physicians were subjected to a careful physical ex- amination of the chest. The pulmonary physical signs were found definitely altered in thirty in- stances, more obviously altered in seven and greatly changed in two. X ray examination yielded con- firmatory findings in a large proportion of cases. The conclusion is reached that buy prozac canada slight pulmonary apical abnormalities, as isolated facts, by no means prozac purchase uk justify a diagnosis of lung tuberculosis, acquiring importance only when supported by other evidence. ARCHIVES OF THE RONTGEN RAY DcccmK-r, ,0,^, Simple and Rapid Method of Localizing Bullets, Ijy Francis Hernaman-Johnson. — This method does not require the use of special apparatus nor the taking of radiographs. Patient is placed on a couch with the focus tube beneath. The x ray is turned on with a widely open diaphragm and the jiosition ascertained by the fluorescent screen. The aperture is narrowed and the tube moved so that the image comes into the centre of the field. This is continued until the illuminated patch is no larger than one inch in diameter. The image of the bullet is now vertically above the prozac price ireland bullet itself. A metal ring having an internal diameter of two thirds of ;in inch and fastened to a wooden handle is slipped under the screen prozac price per pill and moved about until its shadow encircles that of the bullet. A mark is made on the prozac cost uk skin with nitrate of silver in the centre of the ring, l)ut the ring localizer should not be displaced. The ring is now slipped between purchase generic prozac the patient and the couch, generic prozac no prescription the encircling position again found and a mark made on the lower aspect of the thigh. discount prozac This should be found vertically below the first mark. Comparison of X Ray and Radium in the Treatment of Malignant Growths, by John Mac- Intyre. — The site and the depth of the disease deter- mine buy prozac online no prescription canada the agent to be used. By means of special lubes the larynx and trachea can be treated. The condition of the patient and the history of the case ;ilso help to determine the best agent. In cases

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