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adequate. The particular remedy recommended is the establishment of preventoriums for infants. To make a beginning, it niav be advisable to assign cer- tain wards in existing institutions, rather than to create new preventorium institutions ; for in this PITH Of- CLliRENT LITERATURE. 39 way it would Generic Pantoprazole be feasible, in many instances, to have infant and mother in the same institution. The in- fants could be adequately cared for near the city, and in cases where the mother was separated from her child she would have the opportunity of visit- ing it when she desired. At the outset, preference might be given to urgent cases, to infants surround- ed by open tuberculosis, to cases in which a tuber- culous mother is obliged to remain at home to care for Purchase Pantoprazole her infant, or in which there are two or more members of the family suffering from the disease. The minimum stay might be provisionally fixed at one or two years. The Heart in Acute Infections, by R. N. Will- son. — As to the treatment when cardiac involve- ment occurs, it is advised that in the acute illness there should be the most perfect possible rest, and the saving of every unnecessary contraction of the Order Protonix heart. At first an empty, and, for a short time, a gastrointestinal tube as sterile as possible are essen- tial, instead of the common attempt to feed and overnourish. Drugs, except opium and possibly atropine, are of questionable value. If employed at all, they should be remedies of a sedative rather than a stimulating character, and it may be that even the cardiac sedatives and tonics had Cheap Protonix better be omitted. Convalescence and the Pantoprazole Online year Buy Protonix Online following the acute illness constitute the most difficult period; if the heart muscle and endocardium are to be con- served, it is of the greatest importance that all local- ized foci of infection should be removed from the body. The heart's capabilities must be very care- fully tested before the physician relinquishes the case. Long after the acute attack the cardiac muscle may betray a latent disability which has escaped de- tection, and that patient is fortunate who enjoys a full convalescence and a life of uninterrupted health following the Purchase Pantoprazole Online damage sustained by the heart struc- tures in infectious diseases of an earlier age. Latent Atypical Malaria Complicating the Puerperium, by M. J. Seifert. — A case is reported which is of special interest since no similar one has been found in medical literature. The patient, who was the subject Cheap Pantoprazole of chronic nephritis, had never lived in a strictly malarial locality, but in Order Pantoprazole Online two consecutive confinements she suffered from irregular chills and fever, and never at any other time, while there was no pelvic involvement and in the second one the presence of large numbers of Buy Pantoprazole the parasites of the tertian variety of malarial fever in the blood was ■demonstrated. Treatment of Hydrocele ; with Special Refer- ence to Phenol Injections, Buy Cheap Pantoprazole by R. H. Herbst. — Barring those effusions into the tunica vaginalis which accompany the acute infections of the Purchase Protonix epi- didymis and which usually disappear as the acute process subsides, it is Buy Protonix contended that the results fol- lowing tapping and injection of phenol are as good as those observed after any of the open operations, provided that the sac is thoroughly washed with sterile water after the serum has been Order Pantoprazole evacuated and previous to the phenol injection. When this course is pursued recurrences are very rare. Con- sidering the underlying pathology of many cases of hydrocele, it is the author's belief that open opera- tion for this condition is usually unnecessary and frer|uently contraindicated. Antistreptococcus Serum in Chronic Arthritis, by H. K. Nicoll. — Under present conditions the use of serum is regarded as neither advisable nor justi- fiable, an opinion based upon the following facts : The administration of horse serum in repeated doses may be followed, in twenty-five per cent, of the cases, Protonix Mg by dangerous degrees of anaphylaxis; heat- ing and aging the serum does not completely remove its toxicity Buy Pantoprazole Online ; clinical observation and the estimation of immune bodies do not show any added advan- tage from the use of an antiserum in chronic arthri- tis, even when a concentrated serum of much greater potency than the usual commercial serums is employed ; attempts to increase the value of such a serum by concentration have not been successful, so far as its employment in chronic arthritis cases is concerned. MEDICAL RECORD. December ig, 1914-

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