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arteries with a small sac the diagnosis is diflficult. Symptoms of pressure may arise, as paralysis of the radial due to aneurysm generic premarin of the cheap premarin axillary artery. The dangers of an aneurysm are from hemorrhage and gangrene, the latter, however, buy conjugated estrogens being exception- ally rare. The factors influencing the time of oper- ation are whether buy premarin the main branch of an extremity is affected, as, for instance, the brachial, axillary or popliteal. premarin price The question of collateral circulation is * important. When possible, sufficient time should be allowed to elapse before operation to allow collat- eral circulation to be established. \Mien symptoms of pressure on the nerve appear, when hemorrhage occurs, and when the pain is very severe, operation should not be deferred. Infected aneurysms .show hemorrhage, pain, and the other symptoms calling for operation more frequently than noninfected aneu- rysms. Ligating the artery proximally to the aneu- rysm does not help, buy conjugated estrogens online as collateral circulation is quickly established. Ligating both distally and proximallv gives better results. The best method is the suturing of the vessels. This, however, cari not be done in infected cases and in diffuse lesions of the vessels. Wounds of the Eye in War, by S. Bernheimer. — Wounds of the eye are relatively rare. The parts affected are the eye itself, the optic nerve, the muscles, or the cerebral portions of the optic tracts, through general injury to purchase premarin online the brain. Most of the wounds of the eye are indirect ones caused by frag- ments of bone penetrating the eye, or by blunt in- jury. Xo'.cmhcr /p. 1014. Continuous Bath in the Treatment of Phleg- mons, by Riehl. — -The fever is reduced in a few days, necrotic material is cast off, retention of pus is premarin mg prevented, granulations appear promptly, ab- scesses jicrforatc and infiltrations disappear. This • reatment ."^hould prove of value in infected wounds. The dififici'.lty is that few hospitals are equipped with the generic conjugated estrogens necessary water beds to maintain a contin- uous bath. One may be improvised by using a large white enamel bath tub and placing a sheet PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 35 under the patient so that he can be lifted into a sec- ond tub when it is desired to change the water. The temperature of the bath should be kept at about twenty-five to thirty degrees R. To prever.t the rapid cooling of the water in the tub, the latter may be covered with boards and woollen blankets. This treatment can also be used in cases of bedsores. Cholera and Vaccination, by premarin online Leopold Arzt. — Twenty-five cases of cholera were seen during a period of three weeks in the present war. The mortality was twenty-four per cent., equivalent to thirty per cent, of the cases that had been positively diagnosed as cholera after a bacteriological exam- ination of the stool. Respiratory complications oc- cur very often at the end of the infection, delaying recovery considerably. Rubbing the patients with spirit of camphor during the period premarin cost of cramps, and for some time subsequently, and the subcuta- " purchase premarin neous, or better, intravenous injections of sterile salt solution, have helped greatly. If the patient survives the primary collapse, white clay is given systematically and two infusions of salt solution are given daily. The stronger salt solutions up to 1.5 per cent, order premarin have given better results than the nor- mal, psysiological salt solution. Three cases showed an exanthem which appeared on the twelfth, six- teenth, and eighteenth days respectively. This ex- buy premarin online anthem was probably due to the toxic action of the bacilli. Two prophylactic injections of cholera vaccine were given to a nurse at five day intervals. The day following the first injection, she came in contact with cholera patients. Six days later she had a mild case of cholera, the bacillus being dem- onstrated in the buy cheap premarin stool. The administration of tan- nin enemata and white clay brought about a cure within five days. November 26, 1914. Circular Suture of the Corrunon Carotid Artery, by H. von Haberer. — Seventy-five cases of aneur- ysm after gunshot, were treated by ligation of the vessel ; nine patients died, nine had gangrene and fifty-seven were cured. Bad results, including deaths and complications, were twenty-four per cent. Of thirty patients treated by suturing the vessel, three died, five cases were not successful, a percentage of order premarin online untoward results of 26.5. Up to the present time the ligation method has been the method of choice, suture being performed only in cases of premarin tablets necessity. An example of this is seen in aneurysm of the common carotid. The author re- ports a case of a spurious arteriovenous aneurysm

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