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manufacture of cigars in New York, it seemed advisable for the city of New York to take an advance step in the matter. A new section of the sanitary code regulating tbe process of manufacturing cigars, is in preparation and will probably be shortly adopted by the board of health. Mortality for Week Ending December 26, 1914. — The mortality during the week just passed did not differ very much from that of the corresponding week in 1913. the total number of deaths for the week being praziquantel tablets only six more, the rate being 0.44 point less, wliich is equivalent to a rela- tive decrease of 47 deaths. Tbe number of praziquantel 600 mg deaths from measles and scarlet fever was exceedingly low, while the number from whooping cough and typhoid fever was ex- actly the same as in 1913. praziquantel price Organic heart disease and pul- monary tuberculosis sliuwed a slightly increased mortality. The number of deaths from lobar pneumonia was 96, against 130 in the corresponding week of 1913. The death rate for the first fifty-two weeks of the year was 13.36 per 1,000 of the population against 13.75 during the corresponding period order praziquantel online in 1913, a decrease of 0.39 point. It is fair to assume moxidectin praziquantel that the death rate for the year will be close to 13.36 and will thus be the lowest death rate on record since the organization of the department in 1866. Medical Association of the Isthmian Canal buy praziquantel online Zone. — This association has expressed its desire to be represented at the Panama-Pacific Exposition, to be purchase praziquantel online held in San Fran- cisco, Ca!., during the coming year. At the November meeting of the society it was decided to hold an extraordi- nary session at the praziquantel online exposition some time during the "medi- praziquantel cost cal period," which begins June 13th and ends July 3d. The most desirable time appears to be the week beginning June 14, 1915, as this date is near the meeting to be held by the American Society of Tropical Medicine, and the meeting of the American Medical Association. It seems appropriate that this society should be repre- sented and it is therefore earnestly requested tliat all former and present members will endeavor to assemlile at San Francisco during that week, and be prepared to support those in praziquantel uk charge of the session. Former members who now live near San Francisco will be asked to take the lead in perfecting the plan, and as soon as the temporary chairman can be appointed, the members are requested to get in early communication with him and express their intentions in regard to attendance, and also offer any suggestions in regard to making the extraordinary session a success. Due notice will be given as soon as the temporary cliair- man can be named. Personal. — Dr. Hubert .\rrowsmith, of Brooklyn, has been elected chairman of the Section in Laryngology of the New York Academy of Medicine. Dr. William L. Cousins, of Portland, Me., has been ap- pointed a member of the State Board of Health, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Dr. Charles D. Smith. Dr. Charles McDevitt has resigned as receiving physician at the Cincinnati City Hospital and purchase praziquantel will be succeeded by Dr. E. R. Bader, formerly assistant to Doctor McDevitt. Dr. William L. Clark, of Philadelphia, has been appoint- ed to the new lectureship on electrotherapy at Jefferson Medical College. Dr. David £. Hoag, of New York, has been elected ad- junct professor of nervous and mental diseases at the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital. Dr. Sylvester E. Ryan, where to buy praziquantel of Springfield, Mass., has lieen appointed associate medical examiner for Hampden County. Dr. Ap Morgan Vance, of Louisville, Ky., has been elected president of the Jefferson County. Ky., Medical Society, to succeed Dr. C. H. Harris. Another Course of praziquantel mg Lectures for Health Department Employees. — The Bureau of Public Health Educati'm '■f the Department of Health of tlie City order praziquantel of New York lias arranged another series of lectures describing tlie work of the department and designed especially generic praziquantel for the clerks. This course was inaugurated Tuesday afternoon, Decem- ber 22d, the opening lecture being delivered by Professor Jeremiah W. Jenks on How New York City Is Governed. The second lecture was given on Tuesday, December 20th. by Dr. S. S. Goldwater, commissioner of health, on .\ims and Functions of tbe Department of Health, and next week's lecture will be given by Dr. William H. Park, director of the health praziquantel biltricide department laboratories, on the His- tory and Work of Our Laboratories. Thus far, five separate lecture courses have been ar- ranged, one for physicians, two for nurses, and two espe- cially buy praziquantel for humans buy praziquantel for laymen. The buy cheap praziquantel lectures are field weekly at four o'clock, the lectures for physicians and for nurses, in tlie .Assembly Hall, Hunter College. Park Avenue and Sixty- eighth Street, the lectures for the laity on Tuesdays and Fridays, in Room .^14 of the Municipal Building ,^4

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