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termed hemadenology (Greek "i/^a blood, n^v gland, /.">"s-, discourse), the relations of the internal secretions to general diseases and diseases of spe- cyproheptadine 4 mg cial organs will also be studied in conjunction with members of the hospital staff in order periactin charge of other de- partments. The importance to our profession of periactin buy online the re- searches to be carried cheap periactin on in the new clinic at Char- ity is suggested by the fact that over 6,000 children in Philadelphia buy cheap cyproheptadine schools are victims of backwardness, who could in many instances be greatly benefited, while dementia praecox has been regarded as the starting point of one fourth of the cases in our in- sane asylums. EGOTISM OF THE HOMICIDE. One cannot but be struck by one not uncommon characteristic of murderers, and that is their su- preme and shocking egotism. This is a not infre- quent symptom of the chronic alcoholic, one that renders him extremely impatient of restraint and of counsel buy cyproheptadine online or entreaty and remains with him after his incarceration in periactin 4 mg a jail or inebriate asylum, where he is forever talking about himself and his symptoms. Two men recently on trial were the beneficiaries of almost unbelievable sacrifices on the part of their women relatives, and both rewarded these with characteristic contempt and order periactin online ingratitude, not even silent, but blatantly set forth to newspaper men. Both men apparently enjoyed the publicity buy cheap periactin of a trial and did some notable histrionic work for the benefit of the jury. Both had an unbroken history of self indulgence and selfishness. Prohibition — even real prohibition — would do nothing for such types, save to deprive them of their Dutch buy periactin uk courage, which they could probably recover in the un- governed fits of rage in which they are accustomed to indulge when no one stronger is cyproheptadine hydrochloride present to resent them. The modesty of another conspicuous prisoner is in such sharp contrast to the mental attitude of the two undoubted homicides as almost to constitute another evidence of innocence. OBITUARY.— periactin uk NEWS ITEMS. fNEW YOKK Medical Jouknal. ALP.KkT F. A. KING, A. M., M. D., LL. U.. of Washington, D. C. Doctor King died at Washington, December 13, 191 4, in his seventy-fourth year, having been born at lilackthorne, Oxfordshire, England, in 1841. He came to the United States in his boyhood, and studied at Columbian College, now George Wash- ington University, where he graduated, subse- {|uently obtaining his degree of M. D. at the Uni- versity purchase periactin of Pennsylvania in 1865. During the clos- ing years of the Civil War, Doctor King served as assistant surgeon in the Federal army. For many years he was professor order cyproheptadine of obstetrics both at George Washington University and at the University of W-rmont, where he received the honorary degrees of A. M. and LL. D. His textbook on obstetrics, which grew with the years from a small manual to a large and imposing volume, is probably the work on the subject best known to American students. Doctor King is credited by many physicians with the first announcement of the theory that the mos- quito has a causal relation to malaria. He is sur- vived bv a widow, a son. and two daughters. |[£tDS |tms. Change of periactin price Address. — Dr. E. Franklin Smith, to <;8 Cedar Avenue, Richmond Hill, Long Island. Dr. Waldo H. Sanford, to 600 We.st irx)th Street, New York. Dr. F. G. YotinR, to the Plyinouth. 38 Fort periactin online Washington Avenue, New York. Dr. L. B. Groe-schel, to 47 Fort Washington ,'\venuc. New York. buy cyproheptadine Philadelphia Medical Examiners' Association.— Dr. R. Max C(Hpp has been elected president of this society. Dr. cyproheptadine 4mg I'".riiest W. Kelsey. vice-president and treasurer, and Dr. \ictor .\. Loeb, sccrctarj-, to serve during 191 5. Harvey Society Lectures. — The next lecture in the CKurse will he given on the evening of January i6th. by Dr. Edward R. Baldwin, of the Adirondack Cottage buy periactin Sana-

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