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[New Yore Medical Journal. hc]\)b would be the supervision of contagious Norvasc 50 Mg and infectious diseases cared for in the home, thereby lessening the danger of spreading. Contagious dis- eases discovered by the physicians Generic Norvasc 10mg and nurses of Jk'llevue would come to the notice of the health de- l)artnient at once without the delay of notification l)y mail. Another benefit of cooperation between the hospitals and health department lies in its educa- tive value. When people see that the prevention of disease and its cure are in reality parts of one and the same science, we can expect more intelligent ]>ublic cooperation with the officials. There is cer- tainly Norvasc 7.5 Mg no quicker way of bringing about the co- operation of individuals than by setting the example anione organized departments. FOUNDATIONS AND POLITICS. Was there ever so grotesque — so Venetian — an aspect of civic freedom as may be seen now on almost any day by any citizen who reads his paper thoughtfully? A few criminals and murderers are on the platform, talking inaudibly, yet they are heard. About the platform is Norvasc Cmi a body of lawyers, sometimes a dozen strong, who are occupied in find- ing new evasions and writs, while beyond and be- neath them extend a mob of many millions, who have lost faith that the penalties of the law can and always will be found for a breach of it. These citi- zens, who in Horace Walpole's phrase have "out- lived the glories Norvasc Canada of their country," no doubt find the irony of the situation amusing, but their sense of humor is a little strained. Do they ever inquire why these legal activities are not investigated, though studious or at least collegiate activities are objects of Congressional scrutiny? Have they read that the Federal Commission on Norvasc Pi Industrial Rela- tions has met with the expressed intention of "investigating the activities" of the Carnegie and Sage Foundations, the Baron de Hirsch Fund, the Rockefeller Foundations. It is true that this sorry illustration of the law's ineptitude has been noted in the newspapers, but the wretched pantomime of those who conspire to break the law and evade its Norvasc 5mg Generic organization like the Carnegie Foundation seem to us scientific rather than political, social rather than legal. Take for instance the report on medical schools and universities. There were too many institutions, but in this and in other respects there has been an improvement. But the seeds of the change were sown long before the Foundation pro- duced any fruit, if such .'i term can he applied to its barren memoranda, and even the name of Dr. Andrew Carnegie does not convince us that national taste and education were so crude that Buy Norvasc 5mg no natural refinement and progress were possible. To be above the national taste may be a good thing, but it is to be within the reach of the Norvasc Other Names tyrannical. To found a concern to tell in a dry and tasteless way what the nation can be left to undertake itself, is to make a travesty of national authority Norvasc 100 Mg which will react injuriously in more than one direction. American liustle and its gaucherie can be cor- rected by the influence of the universities, and on the whole, they Norvasc Logo do this work very well. We know something about universities, and look upon our- selves as entitled to talk about them, Norvasc 5mg Price at least to lay- men. We are firmly convinced that universities im- prove from within, that they must grow like other things, that even the small and indigent institution leaves an indelible stamp on the mind, that the man who has passed through it is never the same man. It is not the university but the man who is really responsible when he fails. If millionaires Norvasc 7 Mg can gov- ern universities or make them after their own pat- tern, there will be less incentive to the student's taste, though there may be a greater incentive to his avarice. It will Norvasc 2 Mg be a sorry day, when the mil- lionaire, drunk with the gloomy insolence of conceit, Norvasc Patent takes the administration of learning into his own hands. DYSENTERY AND EMETINE. Perhaps the most Cheap Norvasc Online interesting part of Sandwith's recent Norvasc Coupons Lettsomian lectures on dysentery (better the dysenteries) is his discussion of emetine in the treatment Generic Norvasc Price of the amebic form of this important group of inaladies. The history of the use of ipecac in the therapeutics of dysentery furnishes an apt' illustration of how slow the human mind is to reach the simplicity of the final result. First recommend-

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