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PRIZE QUESTION NO. CLII. THE TREATMENT OE BEDSORES. By John E. Lino, A'I. D.. Washington, D. C. The price of freedom from bedsores generic version of nexium is unremit- ting attention to bedridden patients. Each one of these should be examined at least as often as once in two hours. The position should then be changed if the case is one which permits of this, and the sheets and bedding smoothed out. Bedsores are particularly prone generic for nexium 40 mg to develop in paralytics and in patients in the 80 mg nexium last stages of chronic diseases. A well nourished condition of the bodily tissue helps to prevent them and therefore the patient should be overfed. If when does nexium go generic he is on solid food, but not taking a sufficient quantity nexium 40 mg generic of nourishment, two raw eggs beaten up in a pint of milk are given once or twice a day. If he is taking liquid food, broth and milk are given at each meal generic form of nexium time and two eggs beaten up in a pint buy generic nexium of milk between meals. 26 OUR I'RIZE DISCUSSIONS. [New YoBK Medical Jodrkal. When practicable, order nexium samples dependent parts in bedridden patients nexium dosage 80 mg should be kept on a pneumatic ring. In fracture of spine and similar cases, a pneumatic or water bed, not over filled, should be used. Patients kept in an does nexium have a generic ordinary bed should have the sheds stretched tight and pinned to the mattress. Care should be taken is there a generic nexium that no crumbs or other foreign substances are allowed to remain in the bedding. -Male patients who are incontinent should wear a rubber urinal constantly. As soon as patient has soiled himself, he should when will nexium become generic be washed with warm water and castile soap. Then zinc oxide ointment (U. S. P.) is rubbed into the skin with the finger tips. The patient is given an all over rub with fifty per cent, alcohol, to whicli alum has been added in the proportion what is the generic name for nexium of ten grains to the pint, at least once a day and after every soil- ing if there is any generic equivalent of nexium redness of the skin. Following this, the zinc oxide ointment is rubbed in. When the skin is broken, bathe it with warm water and castile soap, follow with warm saturated solution of boric acid and pat what is generic for nexium dry with gauze. Then apply the what is the generic for nexium following dusting powder : Aristol I part ; Boric acid i part ; Lycopodium 8 parts. Do this every two hours and relieve pressure at once with pneumatic ring. When the sore has extended below the skin, the same treatment is generic name for nexium used with the addition of irri- gation with hydrogen peroxide before the boric acid solution. A few layers of sterile gauze are used for dressing ; too much will increase pressure. They are fastened with a generic brand for nexium light muslin gauze bandage. Old bedsores with little or no tendency to heal should be stimulated. Ice cold compresses for a few minutes followed by hot ones will sometimes accom- plish this. Or they can be cauterized once or twice with lunar caustic or pure carbolic acid. The fol- lowing ointment is stimulating : Silver nitrate i part ; Balsam of Peru lo parts ; Zinc oxide ointment lOO parts. Resistant and multiple bedsores, especially in very emaciated patients, should be kept in a con- tinuous bath at 98° to 99° F. This will keep the patient comfortable and afiford the most favorable condition for healing. Dr. Ben N. Wade, of Porthiiid, Oregon, zvrites: Bedsore, or decubitus, is a form of gangrene, caused by long continued pressure on the soft tissues between the bony prominences of the skel- is there a generic for nexium eton and the bed. Prophylaxis is by far the most important part of treatment. In exhausting and debilitating diseases, such as typhoid fever and other acute infections, and in injuries and diseases of the cord, as in acute myelitis, tabes, or general paresis, the patients must receive careful. attention to prevent this serious and sometimes fatal condi- tion. To avoid continuous pressure over bony prominences, such as over the .sacrum, the position of the bedridden patients should be changed every

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