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tests of the family physician to the contrary. At the time I began to write this little article. I had under my care an infant one year old whose illness was ushered naprosyn ec 500 mg pl in by a convulsion. For about two weeks thereafter the child was feverish, but not so seriously ill as to require a doctor's care. When it grew worse, the mother brought the child to the ofifice. Examination revealed moderate fever, a few teeth about to sprout, and a red throat such as was quite common in the colds then prevalent in this locality. On the following day the child was more prostrated, but still there were no definite localizing signs in the u()per respiratory tract. On the third day a false membrane was discovered, descending along the posterior pharyngeal wall, having started in the nose. Close questioning now revealed the truth — the child's nose had bled naprosyn 500 mg oral tablet a week before, and an excoriating discharge had existed two weeks before. It required massive doses of antitoxin to save the life of the child, while the false membrane crept over the pharyngeal and faucial mucosa, sparing only the tonsils. Truly these were cases there generic naprosyn of unusual severity. School medical inspectors have occasionally over- looked cases of nasal diphtheria, naprosyn sr tablet 1000 mg but the sharp eye of the mother can be relied upon to discover the nasal trouble very early. This proves conclusively, to my mind, that the mothers should be instructed to bring to the physician every much does naprosyn cost child presenting a nasal discharge that causes excoriation of the upper lip and nasal vestibule, crusting, and later nosebleed. At this stage it is quickly cured by small or moderate doses of antitoxin. When once it is allowed to invade the fauces, we are dealing with a serious case. 1 331 North Franklin Street. THE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES IN- \'OLVED IN THE USE OF THE BONE GRAFT IN SURGERY.* By Professor F. H. Albee, New York, New Voi-ls Post-CmHuate Schn..l. The duration of cellular life, which under favor- able conditions may be quite independent of organic or somatic life long after detachment from the liv- ing naprosyn sr 1000 mg organism, depends largely upon the buy naprosyn 500mg means of preservation of naprosyn ec fort 500 mg the detached part ; or, in the case of organic death, the preservation of the whole cada- ver ; also upon the amount of disintegration from the cause of death. The higher the specialization of the cell, the less marked are its resisting and pro- liferating powers. The most favorable tissues for grafting purposes are can you get high off naprosyn 500mg the simpler connective tis- sues. .\utogenons ec naprosyn rxlist grafts are by far the most tnist- worthy. With primary union and in ec-naprosyn price the naprosyn gel costo absence of infection, if properly contacted, they are always ec-naprosyn generic suc- cessful. Infection does not necessarily indicate failure. Hemoplastic grafts, when composed of the lower order of tissues, may be buy naprosyn tablets successfully em- ployed, though not with the same certainty as the autogenous. W'hen they are of the more highly "A r-f.tnme of tlie Miittrr Lecture for loi.^. delivered in Thomson il.ill of the College of Physici,ins. Philadelphia. December 4. 1914. OCR PRIZE DISCUSSIONS. 25 specialized tissues failure results. There is also the danger of transmission of disease. The hetero- plastic graft usually dies when implanted into man. In bone transplant Nature is confronted with the following problems: i. The rapid establishment of cellular nutrition and blood supply ; 2, union of the graft to the contacted bones or fragments of bones by naprosyn costochondritis osteogenesis on the part of the graft or recipient bone, or both ; 3, through Wolff's law, which is the adaptation in form and increased strength of the graft to its mechanical requirements. The surgeon can aid Nature by minimizing trauma, by the pro- tection and preservation of the graft bed and graft ; by arranging the skin incision so that it will not lie directly over a superficially placed transplant ; bv excising, if possible, extensive scars from the field of naprosyn generic naproxen operation ; by closely fitting and contacting bone surfaces, which should whenever possible, include the accurate coaptation of periosteum where can i buy naprosyn of graft to periosteum of recipient bone, cortex to cortex, naprosyn 500 mg oblong yellow tablets endosteum to endosteum, and marrow to marrow, by properly suturing muscle origins naproxen 500mg generic naprosyn and insertions

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