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ination and, not feeling so sure of the first diagno- sis, put the operation ofT to keep the patient under observation. Mr. A. S. consulted me. I advised that for ten days he be kept absolutely free from pain. The treatment was hypodermic injections of morphine in large enough doses and at short enough intervals to stop all pain, the only other treatment being large doses of castor oil every morning, to get a good movement of the bowels every day. The cure was complete, and ten years have passed with no return of pain nor any mor- phine habit. What good has come from the methods used to prevent the obtaining these drugs? The number of those who use alcoholic liquors to excess is vari- ously estimated, but I should say in the United States it was- about one in forty. Statistics are very unreliable as to the use of liquor sold or drunk. In so called dry States, records say that no liquors are used, yet the express companies and other carriers often show that about as much is brought into these Mesterolone Online States per capita as into other States. I once had an opportunity to see a lot of liquor destroyed in a city where it was said none was kept and none drunk. When the barrels were broken open by men with axes, it ran the leaders full. Medical observation in these places seems to show that deaths are about as numerous where al- cohol is a factor in the cause of death, as in other States not called dry States. Whether this is true or not makes little difTerence to my argument. The fact remains, that the amount of intoxicat- ing liquors used is greatly on the increase, and this makes the "dry" argument seem of little account, except as it affects the price and quality of alcohol as a drug. Buy Mesterolone What has happened in the past sixty years is admitted on all sides, that the price of all habit pro- ducing drugs is many times as high as formerly and they are of such poor quality that one cannot tell what they contain. In some of the prohibition States it has been the boast of some dealers that they could make a barrel of whiskey for a few cents a gallon and make an enormous profit, and this is what we have to give to our patients. I see no good reason why this drug shouldn't be as good as can be made, and as cheap as it can be sold for the unfortunate sick, who cannot afford high prices and need the best of drugs to save their lives. In the past few years very stringent laws have been passed, pushed by people who believe that they can make people good by law, and aimed at the habit, utterly overlooking the medicinal use. These laws have been placed on the statute books of several of our States, and have become national laws in some countries ; the idea seeming to be that habits can be stopped in this way, by mak- ing the price high and the drug scarce. The price of morphine in the past four years has doubled and trebled. This applies Generic Mesterolone to the sick as well as to those who have the habit, and brings untold misery to both. The drug should be as cheap as possible for the sick ; the States should build hospitals for those who have the habit, treat- ing them with sense and not in such a barbarous way. No possible good can come from it ; the product will be sorrow, suffering, deception, thiev- ing, crime. Still the deluded work goes on. The statutes in some of our prohibition States have been added to until they number thousands, show- ing how unsatisfactory the laws have been even to those who believe the drink habit can be stamped out by law. Legislation to be worth anything must represent the will of the people. Otherwise such laws are worse than useless and only teach said people to evade them or try to apply them to "the other fellow." I asked a man, who was talking in favor of these laws, how he v/as going to get along for medicine if he should need it? He Mesterolone Tablets promptly answered: "I can easily get it" (acting as though he thought the law wasn't for him, but for the other fellow). One sees many of this sort of men in prohibition States. Laws that make the use of necessary drugs hard, or tie the hands of the physician, or make the price of the drug high for the poor, or in any way pre- vent the easy obtaining of the remedies that the physician thinks necessary to cure disease, should be removed from the statute books. In many of the dry States, alcoholic liquor does not seem to be classed as a drug, and cannot be had at a drug store even in sickness. You can buy all other drugs you want by having a physician's prescription, but this important drug you cannot legally get, nor does the man who has prepared himself to care for the health of those who cannot care for themselves, have any more privilege than the uneducated, for the phvsician has no more legal right to buy it than any other citizen. I asked a physician in Vermont if he had anv right to buy alcohol at a drug store. He answered. No. I at once asked him, how do you get it? He said. "Well, I do get it at a drug store, but T don't like it, for I have to ask the drug-

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