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tions of the world. Culture and intelligence do not consist in ignoring primitive forces, in believing we have left them behind in our social evolution, but in bokllv studying and utilizing them to the best advantage. Here is the important point ; objective demonstra- tion of the sexual instinct must not be confounded with sensuality ; the former is constructive, the lat- ter destructive. By sexual instinct I mean the normal femaleness and maleness — the desire for home and children, the striving for physiological morality and health, the disgust for lechery and promiscuity, the ever present watchfulness over family, and the readiness to defend and aid State or comnumity. Sex instinct means the preservation of primitive Purchase Macrobid forces of reproduction so that the race will progress in all possible ways. Normal instinct prevents miscegenation, keeps the race true to its blood or blood of its kind ; it means pride of virility, shame of sterility. Sensuality, so commonly confounded with the healthy state of sexuality, has been the curse of many peoples, the cause of the overthrow of many nations satiated with victories, loot, wealth, and the loss of self control in Buy Macrobid Online its Macrobid Generic citizens. It has destroyed home life, placed the mother below the concubine, made tools of men handled by the courtesans be- cause the pugnacious instinct v%ras weak. Sensuality is the antithesis of sexuality. It is the rioting, the upwelling, the unloosening, the artificial stimulation of i^erverted instincts ; it is the victor over all the rlerent and progressive forces of Nature. The conquering nation whose citizens keep under control and in their proper channels the funda- mental forces which made them warriors, will be conquerors over the sensuality so dangerous to men and women who have suffered and been deprived of comforts and necessaries of life. Buy Macrobid It takes a very strong man or nation to preserve Generic Name For Macrobid Macrobid Price a Macrobid For Men moral and mental balance when suflfering and deprivation are followed bv victory and its acquisition of wealth, power, and luxury. Herein lie some of the good effects I believe will come of the war. A better self control bv men and women, Macrobid Online more active interest in the need of women having something to do and that alongside men in further civilizing the world; a rapid return to the development of the sciences, arts, and industries, and Macrobid Generic Name a fuller knowledge of those primal factors which can be utilized in the greater war for the con- quest of the real nature of man. A good war is a national purgative. Its horrors and killings, destruction and misery are the distress- ing symptoms accompanying and following a na- tion's convalescence from evil deviations or social decline; self satisfaction and arrogance, for ex- ample. Those nations comprising one group or groups of the same racial stock, in which combats or wars have existed for generations, have had de- veloped in the survivors and blood — or rather psy- chic organizations — those essential conditions of ef- fective cooperation and of the highest forms of social organizations. Success in war can be obtained only through the perfect and definite organization of a homogeneous people. A nation made up of a heterogeneous people in which the majority are the rejected of various ethnic stocks widely at variance in religion, morals, and education, will fail in any immediate attempt to bind them together for war. The various conflicts of ethnic groups distinctly different Generic For Macrobid in nature, have resulted, effectively re- sulted, in developing the moral stamina of man. The more highly developed group Generic Macrobid conquers, for in the meaning of morality I presuppose a retention of the primitive tendency and sexual instinct to pre- serve race Cipro Vs Macrobid and Order Macrobid country. The pugnacious instinct makes for stable and efficient organization. Men of culture, men of ig- norance, men of wealth, men of poverty ; father, Price Of Macrobid son, mother, and sister, all are welded to one cause — the preservation of home and land motived by the subconscious sex Macrobid Vs Macrodantin instinct passed on unweakened from their tribal ancestors. The German race is an example of what I mean. "The Germanic tribes were perhaps more pugna- cious and possessed of the military virtues in a higher degree than any other people that has existed before or since. Macrobid Vs Cipro They were the mo,st terrible enemies, as Julius C?esar found, they never could be subdued because they loved fighting; i. Macrobid Cost e., be- cause they were innately pugnacious" (William Mc- Dougal). Mr. Macrobid 50 Mg Kidd, in his Principles of Western Civiliza- tion, argues strongly that it is the social qualities developed by this process -of military selections which enabled the Germans to build up a new civilization on the ruins Macrodantin Vs Macrobid of the Roman Empire, and to carry on the progress of social organization and

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