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grain hypodermically, repeated in twelve hours, if necessary, where there are symptoms of intestinal stasis, with evidence of Lotrel 10 20 mechanical pressure from gas. Usually within twenty-four hours from the time of administration of the first injection Lotrel 10 Mg of eserine, a movement of the bowels occurs, Discount Lotrel causing great relief of Lotrel 5 Mg the discomfort produced by pressure. For relief from persistent postoperative nausea and vomiting, nothing proved so efficacious as washing out of the stomach with the aid of a stomach tube, using a weak Lotrel 20 Mg solution of sodium bicarbonate. Fifty of these cases occurred in persons in the military service, and all made complete recoveries. Mention should also be made of the fact, that al- though iodine one half strength was used to disin- fect the skin, and no particular measures were taken to prevent the bowel from coming in contact with the iodine painted skin during operation, no patient returned to the hospital with signs of intestinal ad- hesions following operation. In contrast with these fifty officers and soldiers in the service, with early Buy Lotrel operations and good re- coveries, are those of two civilians, operated on at \'era Lotrel 510 Cruz, whose cases were late cases, i. e., over forty-eight hours. Lotrel 10 Case I. Male, Lotrel Coupons aged thirty years, destitute, applied to the hospital for admission as a last resort, having Purchase Lotrel suffered from symptoms of acute appendicitis for two days. After a good night's rest, with a hot water bag over the appendix region, he appeared to be Lotrel Cost much improved, and it was thought an operation might be forestalled, and a further delay for twenty-four hours was decided on. Instead of a change for the better, his condition got worse. An â– operation was done just as soon as it was evident that a recovery could not take place without it. Lotrel Online The operation disclosed an appendix gangrenous to its base, and its walls so thin that it was on the verge of rupturing. Cliloroform anesthesia was used, lasting about an hour. The patient came out of the anesthetic in good shape, but was unable to retain liquid given by mouth. At the end of forty-eight hours a low grade toxemia developed, with a mild grade of delirium, becoming active when the patient was disturbed. He died fifty-six hours after operation. The post mortem findings were negative, excepting for a profound jaundice which was generally distributed. No signs of peritonitis existed, and the wound itself was clean. There was doubt as to whether the disease or chloroform caused death. Case II. Civilian, aged thirty-six years, general condi- tion good. History of appendicitis, forty-eight hours' dura- tion. This patient was a Christian scientist, but knew when he had pain. After examination and consultation with his attending physician, I advised an operation. The patient wanted to know if the operation could not be delayed an- other day. I informed him that he was a good risk then. and I did not know what he would Lotrel Mg be in the next twenty- four hours, that I should like to be in the position of a life insurance agent, and refuse him when he was con- sidered not a good risk. The result was an immediate operation, the findings a gangrenous appendix, from which ttie patient made a good recovery. Deaver says, "cut well, sew well, and your pa- tients get well." For appendicitis cases, I should be inclined to change Doctor Deaver's expression, which in practice he follows, to "go in quickly, get out quickly, and your patients will get well quickly." The following points are favorable to early operation for appendicitis in the military service. 1. The patient is, as a rule, a young able bodied soldier. 2. If by reason of any physical disability he is unable to perform his daily duties, he is required to go on sick report. 3. When his name is entered on sick report, he has to be seen by the surgeon. So, if he is taken ill Lotrel 5 during the night, and delays going on sick report until next morning, Cheap Lotrel not over twelve hours will elapse before his case is investigated. 4. Owing to the discipline he is Order Lotrel acustomed to in the military service, when Buy Lotrel Online told by a medical officer that he requires an operation, he usually accepts the decision without question. 5. Over solicitous relatives and friends are not present to urge delay. 6. At a field hospital the medical officers Lotrel Price live in camp, in tents adjacent to the wards, so consultants and assistants are always on hand. In the present great European war, the resources of field hospitals are taxed to the limit of their capacity in patching up the slightly wounded, in order to maintain the largest number of rifles on the firing line, so cases of this kind, appendicitis and other major Lotrel Coupon surgical cases, have to be transferred back to the lines of communications, to evacuation and base hospitals, for operation. But in mobiliza- tion camps, since the introduction of simplified methods of asepsis, major surgery can be done with

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