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such sym]:toms and are Lipitor Buy enjoying general good health, particularly if married and having healthy children, with no history of miscarriages, and more or less oblivious of ever having had syphilis, those I should leave severely alone, should not disturb this tranquillity of mind by a serum test. But I should strongly insist, as I have ilone with all my patients from the beginning of the infection, that he or she should lead a sensibly regular life, as every person ought who wishes to retain good health ; in particular to Lipitor Purchase avoid all excesses in work as well as in pleasure and in the use of tobacco, intoxicating liijuors, and sexual indulgence, which are liable to exert a detrimental influence more readily on the syphilitic. If, as happened in the case of Mr. O. K., a plus reaction had already been found, it would largely dejiend on the state of mind of the patient whether I advised entirely ignoring the test or submitting to a limited amount of treat- ment, as I did in his case. In the presence of un- doubted manifestations, I certainly should recom- mend energetic treatment, Cheap Lipitor probably not with iodides, until the complete disappearance of the symptoms and for a reasonable period afterward, but not indefinitely if the reaction should not be materially changed or reversed. I should Online Lipitor follow this plan also in cases of typical syphilitic affection of the nervous organs, but not of tabes or paresis where the recent methods of intraspinal treatment in the hands of neurologists have given such prom- ising results. If we find symptoms of doubtful character, the result of the serum test Lipitor Mg is not decisive, and we have to rely mainly on the thera- peutic test because there are hardly any syphilitic lesions which will not be favorably influenced by some intense form of treatment, but we cannot exert changes in conditions which Buy Lipitor are Buy Lipitor Cheap the Cheap Lipitor Online sequelae or the finished products of syphilis, such as some forms of paralysis, due to hemorrhage, scars, thick- enings of bones, etc. It remains to call attention to the great value of the serum test in cases of syphilophobia, both among those who really have the disease without doubt and those who either positively never were infected or who were left in a Purchase Lipitor Online state of uncertainty, owing to circumstances at the time of the supposed infection, Purchase Lipitor usually to premature treatment. Whoever has ob- served the pitiable condition of such people will hardly agree with Neisser's suggestion to apply specific treatment, even if any of the sure signs of syphilis is wanting. Having previously emphasized the fact that syphilis more than most other infectious diseases offers a favorable field for therapeutic measures, we look upon the introduction of salvarsan as the most important of the recent additions to Lipitor 20mg our treatment of syphilis, as destined to brighten the prospects of the syphilitic, and to lighten mental suffering. Sal- varsan certainly seemed to offer every guarantee for the fulfillment of what it promised : it is remarkable that in spite of an enormous amount of literature, now after four years opinions still widely differ as to the value of the reinedy and its indications. \'ari- ous circumstances have been responsible for this condition. In the first place it soon became evident that sterilisatio magna by a single dose, which had been demonstrated in animals, could not be obt^jined in human beings. Disaj)pointment naturally result- ed in shaking the confidence in the remedy. The tendency of some writers Lipitor Buy Online in their enthusiasm to ex- aggerate Order Lipitor Online its merits and to assert results which could not be absolutely confirmed, and of others to belit- tle, to condemn ruthlessly, and try to throw on the rubbish heap the means of treatment heretofore in use, which for several centuries had rendered satis- factory service, could only create a less favorable disposition toward the new remed)', and this was nourished by irascible criticism of all doubters and dissenters bv the chamjiions of salvarsan and a pet- ulant intolerance of opjiosition, however Lipitor Order well sup- ported by facts and arguments. A discussion be- fore the Berlin Medical Society in March, .\pril. and Buy Cheap Lipitor May, 1914, showed discrepancy of opinions with regard to the value of salvarsan, to the methods of emjiloyment, and to its combination with mercury. Still it does not seem difficult to draw an unpreju- diced picture of the advantages offered by salvarsan. KLOTZ: PSYCHICAL ASPECT OF SYPHILIS. 13 Personally I had been very well satisfied with the results of mercurial treatment previous to the ap- pearance of salvarsan, owing probably to the fact that since 1886 I had begun to use Order Lipitor intramuscular injections of insoluble salts, principally the salicylate and calomel," which now are generally recognized as the most effective applications of mercury, and to adopt them Lipitor Cheap as the method of choice. Like Bloom {loco citato, p. 226) I have received reports of a Lipitor Online

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