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cases of latent syphilis that present a very difficult problem. This has been appropriately touched upon by Bloom {loco citato, pp. 226, 231) : "What treat- ment, and how long continued, is to be given to a pa- tient who went through a more or less thorough treatment twenty-five years ago, who married after five or eight years and became the father of a healthy family of children, and who finally presents himself for a Wassennann test, but with no clinical symptoms of syphilis manifestations since his dis- charge, and in whom we find a single plus? Does the one plus indicate somewhere in the system an active syphilis, which may manifest itself clinically in the future, Cheap Lioresal and does the condition warrant a course of treatment carried out sufficiently long, and of a sufficiently severe character to produce a nega- tive Wassermann ; or does it denote encapsulated and harmless degenerated spirochaetae just capable of generating antibodies and no more?" I shall let a recent experience in jiractice give a practical answer Lioresal Tablets to this question : Case. Mr. C. Buy Cheap Baclofen K., aged forty-seven years, bookkeeper. He acquired syphilis twenty-three years ago and was treat- ed Lioresal Online with inunctions, partly under the care of the late Dr. R. W. Taylor, partly in Aix-la-chapelle by the late Doctor Schuster. He never Buy Lioresal afterward had any symptoms of syphilis. Had been married eighteen years and had two healthy children. He himself had been enjoying good liealth until about eighteen months ago, when he began to feel somewhat heavy in the abdomen, and when he acci- dentally heard that his mother had died of Order Lioresal cancer_ of the stomach, he became greatly alarmed. By some friend he was sent Lioresal Price to a hospital for a thorough examination, which did not reveal any abnormal conditions. Finally, inquiry was made about syphilis and he admitted the old infec- tion. The Wassermann test gave three plus. He was im- mediately advised that he was in the greatest danger of getting tabes or paresis and would have to undergo ener- getic treatment. Last fall he took two intravenous sal- varsan injections and fifteen injections of mercury salicy- late. Another Wassermann. taken this spring, resulted in two plus and another course of salvarsan and mercury treatment was immediately ordered, with the prospect of reducing the reaction by another one plus. .\\. this stage the patient asked for my advice. Earning but a moderate sal- ary, somewhat reduced from formerly, he felt the expenses of treatment, etc., quite severely. He had no trouble any longer with the stomach, but since he had been told of the threatening nervous diseases, he began to look for Purchase Lioresal anf* KLorZ: HSYCHICAL ASPECT OF SYPHILIS. [New YoiK Mkdical Journal. feel all kinds of sensations in the back and in the Buy Lioresal Online extremi- ties and he was practically neurasthenic, althougli the reac- tion of the pupils and tlie reflexes did not show any ab- normalities. 1 did not blame the physician wlio attended the patient; Purchase Lioresal Online he thought and acted strictly in conformity with prevalent opinions and teaching, but I blame those wlio, looking upon the syphilitic only from the standpoint of the laboratory did not pay sufficient attention to the psychical aspect of. the disease and to its influence on the welfare of llie individual, h'or this man was certainly now in a much worse condition than before he had the Wasserniann test taken. I advised him Order Lioresal Online to go through the intended second course of treatment, but after that to drop all serum tests and treatment unless he had some- thing real to complain of. Still I was afraid the poor fel- low would never again be as contented and happy as be- fore and might even so remain neurasthenic. Should a further test show no diminution of the phi.'^ or .'i rcttirn Generic Lioresal to three plus, what would then happen ? There are living now man)- thousands of peoj^le under the same or similar conditions as Mr. K. before he was asked about his syphilis and had the serum examined. Shall, or must we drag all who have ever had syphilis, Buy Baclofen Online but are apparently in good healtli, to the laboratory to have the blood exam- ined and treat them, if a plus is reported, without mercy until the reaction is reversed? Or are we allowed to follow the old maxim, and let well enough alone? The former course would be scien- tific and up-to-date ; the latter would seem to be more in accord with common sense and more in sym])ath\- with human nature. Personally I be- lieve that, considering all circumstances in the indi- vidual case, we may well adopt soine general rules for our action in such cases: If less than ten Buy Cheap Lioresal years have passed since the infection, I should not Lioresal Intrathecal object to a serum test, even in Buy Baclofen the absence of the slightest symptom of the disease, nor to specific treatment in case of a positive reaction, but with the under- standing that treatment should not be continued indefinitely for the sole purpose of reversing the reaction. Individuals who were infected over ten years ago, if properly treated in the beginning, or those who were infected fifteen years ago and over, even if they had not received sufficiently strong or continued treatment, but never Lioresal 10 Mg showed specific syinp- toms since treatment had Lioresal 25mg ceased, are free from Lioresal Mg all

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