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Kl.orZ: I'SVCH/CAL ASPECT Ol- SYFIIIUS. I New York MKniCiU. JoutKAL. dreaded eiiciny, ilie victims are liable to become en- tirely unnerved and often are almost in despair. The prospect of a protracted sickness with the in- cidental expense, the danger of infecting others, the responsibility for the avoidance of opportunities for this infection, the necessity of keeping the in- fection concealed on account of business and often the even more important family relations, the con- stant fear of possible exposure through the symp- toms of the disease, the enforced giving up of some cherished habits and associations, and similar features create a situation the difificultics of which seem almost insurmountable and overwhelming to the unfortunate victim. Under such circumstances I have heard talk of suicide more than once, but fortunately I cannot think of any case in which I did not succeed in quieting down the excitement, by teaching the ])alient to look upon the unavoidable consequences of the infection in a more philosophi- cal way and to lasix with potassium prepare himself resolutely and ener- getically to take up the iight against a disease in which we can count upon the effects of our treat- ment almost with the certainty of a physiological experiment. Unfortunately this will not be our ex- ])erience in every case, but rather with individuals belonging to a higher stage of civilization ; generally the first impressions of the infection will manifest themselves in various degrees and shapes among the various classes, until within the lowest strata of society you meet with a brute indifference, though rarely without a vague fear or terror of some danger impending from the insidious foe. Where you succeed in establishing between phy- sician and patient that relation where the former assumes a position somewhat higher than that of a dispenser of treatment, the mental condition of the latter will soon iinprove. Were you allowed, as in some other diseases, tuberculosis, for example, to refer your patient to other people who had lasix cheap to take up the same struggle and have come lasix and potassium through with their health fully restored, if you could show them your former patients apparently in full health, lasix 40 mg suc- cessfully filling responsible positions in business and public service, with healthy buy lasix online wives and children, and able to enjoy life as much as others, what a heavy load you might often lasix mg take from their mind. Still, while going through the different phases of treat- ment without the occurrence of relapses and see- ing but slight reminiscences of the infection, the patient's mind will lasik lasix gradually assume a less black and dismal view of the disease, although he will ap- proach you with various questions, like these : Can I ever be lasix for cured? May I ever get married? Can I have healthy children? etc., questions which nat- urally mav receive quite different answers accord- ing to the viewpoint and experience of the physi- cian. The first of these questions T personally have rather avoided answering directly, believing that, as lasix renal in other infectious diseases, the human body pos- sesses or is able to develop means to combat the infectious agent and gradually to get rid of it. in the ])articular case of syphilis greatly assisted by specific treatment. I advised my patients, there- fore, that they must conscientiously and with suffi- cient perseverance follow a methodical treatment, conduct a reasonable mode of living, embracing in the main nothing that is not advisable lasix furosemide for any per- son wishing to preserve good health ; avoid as much as possible too exacting occupations, night work, worry and lasix buy particularly excesses in some habits like the use of intoxicating drinks, tobacco, etc.. which are more liable to produce disastrous results in syphilitics than iv lasix in others. Under such conditions they had an excellent chance to eliminate the in- fectious organisms from the system and to enjoy good health and functional ability in the same de- gree as other people. They were frankly told, how- ever, that no absolute assurance could be given tablet lasix that they might not experience the return of some mani- festation, but that the so called tertiary symptoms rarely developed so suddenly that they could not be recognized in time to potassium lasix be subject successfully to energetic, preferably mercurial treatment (Journal A. M. A., lasix order December 5, 1908). In spite of the denial of an absolute cure, lasix to buy it was jKjssible to free the patient of most lasix purchase of the dire visions which had haunted him, and to keep up a certain peace of mind. Later, online lasix when the conditions seemed to lasix 40mg justify final suspension of treatment, and after another period of not less than a year had passed without a recurrence of symptoms, the patient would have almost entirely overcome his terror and looked with more confidence into the future, although still ob- serving with suspicion the slightest irregularity, particularly any blemish on the skin, and sometimes seeking the physician's office after the most trivial

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