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For the past two years all the organisms isolated from cases of pneumonia have been studied as to their immunological reactions. The results have fully confirmed the original observations made. A study has now been made of the organisms obtained ibuprofen mg from 150 cases of pneumonia. The result of this study has shown the relative frequency of the vari- ous types to be as follows : TABLE I. CLASSIFICAriON OF I.SO CaSES OF PNEUMONIA. Type of Number organism. of cases. Percentage. I 57 38 It 44 30 III (Mucosus) I- ibuprofen use u IV (Heterogeneous) 32 21 Eft'orts have been made further to classify the organisms of Group ibuprofen motrin iv, but up to the present each race of this group seems to be distinct from every other race so far as immunological characters go. We have also compared the organisms isolated by Neufeld in Germany with the types found here. His original race corresponds to our Type i. In his study of immunological characters of pneumo- cocci he was able to observe only a small number of strains, but he also found several races having com- mon immunological characters differing from those of the main type. He immunized a horse to one of these and named the serum after the horse. Se- rum Franz. He has also sent dose ibuprofen us a sample of this ibuprofen acetaminophen serum motrin is ibuprofen and 600 ibuprofen it has been found to be active against all the organisms of our Type ii. It is therefore Elliott Publishing Company. COLE: PNEUMOCOCCUS INEECTION. ( NtW YoKK MKnicAL Journal. evident that in Germany liic predominating types of pncumococci are the same as those found here. During the past winter Walker has carried out observations similar to ours on a series of races of pneumococci isolated from patients with pneu- monia in the wards of the Peter Bent Brigham Hos- pital, in Boston. dose for ibuprofen He has also found examples of the dosage for ibuprofen four types of pneumococci as we have classified them. Dr. Paul Lewis has also kindly permitted me to mention dosage of ibuprofen the observations he has made on a series of cases of pneumonia occurring in the Penn- sylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. The ibuprofen and motrin type of organism was determined in ninety-five cases. Of these organisms, thirty-three per cent, were of Type r, twenty-seven per cent, of Type ii, three per cent, of Type iii, and thirty-six per cent, of Type IV. It acetaminophen or ibuprofen is evident, therefore, that the results he has obtained in regard to the relative frequency of oc- currence of the different tyi)es closely correspond with dose of ibuprofen onr observations dosage ibuprofen in New York. advil ibuprofen From our study, certain other average morpho- logical and cultural differences in the groups have been found, but these differences are not so sharply cut and of sufficient constancy to permit of differ- entiation on this basis alone. The Type ii organ- isms are in general more virulent for animals than those of Type i, or those of Group iv, though advil and ibuprofen this also is not constant. However, many races of Groujj IV have little virulence for animals. Since tJie characteristic features, including immunological reactions, of Tyjies i, ii, and in, seem to be more definite and fixed than those of Group iv, in which there seems to be more tendency to variation, we have come to speak of the former as the fixed types and of the latter as the nonfixed, use of ibuprofen atypical type. It sectus from these studies that we are no longer justified in believing that the etiological agents in all cases of pneumonia are the same, but that there are several kinds of pneumococci causing pneumo- nia. For the present, however, it seems best to acetaminophen with ibuprofen consider these different kinds as ibuprofen and acetaminophen types of a single species. The clinical manifestations of infection due to these different types are also not identical, certainly as regards severity. This is very well shown by the mortality statistics for infections due to the dif- ferent types. T.\BLK IT. Mortality. Cases Niimbtr

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