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PROCEEDINGS OE NATIONAL AND LOCAL SOCIETIES. in ihe course of their work. He felt that it should be tried Order Griseofulvin Online out. He was, however, unable to report any institution work, but had Where To Buy Griseofulvin brought together all the cases in which he had used it in private practice, hoping to stimulate interest in these fresh Griseofulvin Buy vaccines and thus render it easier to Buy Griseofulvin Online obtain them. H we were to have an opportunity to give the vaccines a fair trial we must have a laboratory producing fresh vaccines every week. The present series of cases, which Dr. Freeman reported, included sixteen children with whooping cough, in whom the vaccines had been used at various periods of the disease. In five cases no results were obtained. In three of these cases the vaccines were Buy Cheap Griseofulvin used early in the disease, and in the other two, very late. Of the eleven remaining cases, in nine a material improvement took place and in four a practical cure was obtained. His confidence in the vaccines had been somewhat shaken by the results in one family of six children, reported in this paper, who failed to react, but the good results obtained in other cases and Generic Griseofulvin the quite remark- able results Grifulvin V obtained in certain beginning cases con- vinced him that these vaccines should have an extended use, particularly in institutions, where control might be used to demonstrate whether we might not have in these vaccines a valuable method of reducing the large mortality from whooping cough. Some Observations on Rickets. — Dr. John HowLAXD and Dr. Edwards A. Park, of Balti- more, presented a contribution on this subject, which consisted of a lantern slide demonstration showing the alterations at the junction of the shaft and cartilage in rickets, as determined by the x ray. A definite correlation was shown between the x ray signs and the actual pathological conditions. Proof was adduced that the calcium deposits in the carti- lage cast well defined shadows. The effectiveness of cod liver oil as a therapeutic agent in rickets was demonstrated by serial x ray pictures. In animal experiments a beginning Grifulvin V 500 calcium deposit was demonstrated two days after beginning the admin- istration of cod liver oil. In human beings Buy Grifulvin the calcium deposit in the cartilage was definitely demonstrable at the end of three weeks after beginning the administration of cod liver oil. The probable relation of cod liver oil to the process of repair was discussed. Hypertrophic Stenosis. — Dr. H. M. McClana- HAN, of Omaha, stated that since June, 1919, he had had under his care six cases of congenital hypertrophic stenosis complying with the following Griseofulvin Online syndrome: Loss of weight; vomiting several times a day, frequently expulsive in character ; stools small, dark, and without any evidence of milk digestion ; visible peristalsic wave, and scanty urine. In three Grifulvin V Micr or four patients recovering without operation a movable tumor could be palpated. In one of the patients not operated upon the diagnosis was fur- ther confirmed by an x ray plate. Four of the six patients recovered under gruel feeding, their ages being 'five, five, seven, and eleven weeks. These infants were placed on thick gruel in the manner described by Dr. Saner and later by Dr. Langley Porter. Buy Griseofulvin The rate of gain varied, but all made slow but steady improvement. The fifth baby made fair progress for two weeks, but the parents, seeing the results in the next case reported, demanded opera- tion. This baby was operated on and made Order Griseofulvin a good recovery, but Purchase Griseofulvin it was Dr. McClanahan's belief that this baby would have recovered without operation. The sixth patient was in Purchase Griseofulvin Online desperate condition at the time of operation, the walls of the stomach being dark in color, in striking contrast to that of the intestines. This infant had congenital hypertrophic stenosis, general staphylococcus infection, and acute gastritis. The case would undoubtedly have ter- minated fatally without operation. Focal Infections in Children.— *Dr. Oscar M. ScHLOss Stated that this report concerned cases of focal infection of the tonsils which were responsible for two types of disturbances. In one group of cases, the disturbances were cyclic in character, were accompanied by fever and persistent vomiting, with a large elimination of acetone bodies in Buy Grifulvin Online the urine and an accumulation of acetone bodies in the blood. There were eight cases in this group. The other type of disturbance was evidenced by mild Buy Grifulvin V nephritis. The urine contained albumin in mod- erate amoimts, red blood cells, hyaline and granular casts, and some leucocytes. These children were not especially ill. The symptoms were traced to a tonsillar infection and subsided promptly when the infected tonsils were removed. Two such cases were observed. -In most of the cases in both groups the tonsils were not large. In several instances the tonsils had been previously removed and there

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