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Proceedings of National and Local Societies AMERICAN PEDIATRIC SOCIETY. Tliiriv-scccnd Annual Meeting, Held in Highland 'Park, III., Fosamax Mg May 31. June 1 and 2. 1920. The President, Dr. Thom.xs S. Southwosth, of New York, in the Chair. (Continued from page 1008.) The Ulcerated Meatus in the Circumcised Child. — Dr. Joseph Brexxeman, of Chicago, stated that ulceration of the meatus was very com- mon in circumcised children. There was usually ulceration, scab formation, narrowing of the meatus, painful urination, often partial obstruction, and occasionally hemorrhage at the end of urination. The condition seemed always associated with what was known as the ammoniacal diaper, and appa- rently resulted from direct contact of the meatus with the wet diaper. The treatment consisted in applying vaseline or wet boric acid dressings to the meatus if inflamed and in the prophylaxis of the ammoniacal diaper. The Alendronate Fosamax latter was probably due to a metabolic disturbance that was not yet fully understood, but probably commonly due to over- feeding with cows' milk fat, as a result of which there was an excessive excretion of ammonium salts in the urine. Inasmuch as the ammonium salts must be broken down to hberate ammonia, and this was commonly effected by an Fosamax 70 alkali, it was well in addition to reducing the ammonium content of Fosamax 10 Mg the urine to rinse the diapers to remove all Fosamax Plus D excess of soap and also to boil them for a long time to eliminate the possible influence of bacterial action. Treatment of Congenital Syphilis in Infants and Children. — Dr. Walter R. Ramsey and Dr. O. A. Groeb.xer, of Minneapolis, presented a com- munication on further progress in the study of the relative efficiency of the different mercurial prepa- rations in the treatment of congenital syphilis in infants and children as determined by a quantitative analysis of the mercury elimination in the urine. The paper was read by Dr. Ramsey who said that the treatment of syphilis with the different mercu- rial preparations was still a haphazard affair, the rule being Fosamax Lawsuit to give as much mercury as the patient would tolerate without salivation or diarrhea. Assuming that the amount of mercury eliminated in the Fosamax Buy Online urine during a given time would give a fair index of the amoimt in the circulation, Fosamax 35 Mg Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Ziegler had made some experiments, the report of which was read before this society in 1918 and had been Fosamax Femur published. In these experiments it Fosamax With D was demonstrated that mercury, whether given by inunction, by mouth or l)y hypodermic injection, was eliminated in the urine in appreciable amounts. Where only one dose was given by any of these methods mercury continued to be eliminated in the urine for a variable time and in Price Of Fosamax one case as long as ten days. In this new series of experiments, they had sought to determine with some degree of accuracy the amoimt and rapidity of absorption and elimination of the common mercurial preparations in common use as determined by quantitative estimate of the amounts eliminated in the urine. The method was the same as that employed in the previous experi- ments. The practical deductions which might be drawn from this series of experiments were as follows: 1. Mercurial ointment fifty per cent, was to be preferred to the less concentrated preparations and should be repeated not more often than twice weekly instead of daily. 2. Calomel ointment was absorbed but less rapidly Fosamax D and to a less extent Fosamax 70 Mg Weekly than mercurial ointment and should therefore be given in greater concentration twice weekly. 3. The salicylate of Fosamax Online mercury in oil should be given hypo- dermically twice weekly instead of once. 4. The mercury chloride administered by hypodermic injection, although the dose was very small, con- tinued to be eliminated for several days, but owing to the fact that its use was frequently followed by the appearance of Fosamax With Vitamin D protein in the urine should exclude it from the treatment of syphilis. 5. Calo- mel by the mouth was absorbed in stnall amounts and continued to be eliminated for a considerable time, therefore it was probable that it would be sufficient to give it at intervals of several days without producing diarrheas. 6. Gray powder was absorbed to a small degree and eliminated rapidly so that fairly large doses repeated daily would probably be necessary to maintain mercury in the circulation. Experiments were being continued to determine, if possible, whether the Buy Fosamax clinical Fosamax Price results would bear out the observations made in this paper. In one case of congenital syphilis Fosamax 70 Mg treated by inunc- tions, and not repeated oftener than once weekl)', the clinical progress was apparently not less satis- factory than in Fosamax Alendronate cases in which daily inunctions were

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