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pany, 1920. Pp. 695. PRACTICAL PREVENTK'E MEDICINE. By MaRK F. BoyD. M. D., M. S., C. P. H., Professor of Bacteriology- and Preventive Medicine in flomax 0.4 the Medical Department of the University of Texas; Passed Assistant Surgeon (Reserve), U. S. Public Health Service ; Formerly Epidemiologist of the Iowa State Board flomax generic of Health and Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine in the College of Medicine of the University of Iowa, etc. With 135 Illustrations. Philadel- phia and flomax cost London : W. cost of flomax B. Saunders Company, 1920. Pp. 352. Practical Therapeutics and Preventive Medicine A Compendium of Treatment and Prophylaxis, Original generic of flomax and Adapted Childhood the Period for Mental Hygiene. — William A. White (Mental Hygioic, April 1920j says that one of the most important issues in mental hygiene is to correlate the sick adult with the knowledge we have that his illness is traceable in its beginnings to his early life. This must be done by a more developed knowledge of the psychologj- of childhood, which is reflected in the home, in the school, and in the principles and methods of education. Efforts to improve the environment, even with reference to such obvious features as food, clothes, and ordinary sanitation, are not lacking in their general effect upon the mind of the developing child. Recent observations in the flomax 0.4 mg devas- tated countries of generic for flomax Europe have shown how quickly destitution, which takes all the joy out price of flomax of life, is reflected in the mental makeup of the children. Such problems as the care of the pregnant woman, child labor, sex education, school sanitation, and more specifically the problems of the atypical child and juvenile delinquency, all can >t>e better dealt with in proportion to our increased knowledge of child psychology. Social problems have a direct bearing. Inasmuch as many of the breaks, perhaps most of them, occur in the adolescent or early adult period, it would be of inestimable value if help could be systematically extended flomax prices to the youth when the symptoms of final disaster are likely to be discoverable. Malignant Tumors in Childhood. — Malvern B. Clopton (Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association, September, 1920) flomax online writes that malig- nant tumors in children are far from rare, and sarcoma is the type of growth almost always encountered in childhood, just as epithelial cancer is the common type in old age. Sarcoma in chil- dren often follows a more rapid course than in adult life, and the most malignant growths are what is flomax those which appear earliest in life, some of these possibly being congenital. Often there is no change flomax alternative from normal good nourishment of the child until metastasis occurs, when the downward course is most alternative to flomax rapid. Febrile reaction may mislead the ob- server into thinking that the mass flomax cr is due to an infection. No organ is exempt from these new growths, but it is generally considered that the kid- ney is the seat of sarcoma more often than any other organ. Two types of eye tumors occur in child- hood : sarcoma of the iris flomax for women or choroid, and glioma of the retina. Brain and spinal tumors are not uncommon, the greatest mortality being in glio- mata. Sarcoma or mixed celled growths of the testicle are not common, and a few cases are found in the literature of carcinoma and sarcoma of the ovaries. Carcinoma of the small intestine is practically never found in children ; when sarcoma occurs it is in the small intestine. Sarcoma of the long bones occurs rather infrequently in childhood. As to treatment, early operation offers the flomax in women best chance for recovery, but Clopton is convinced that Colev's toxin should be used in these cases with great thoroughness. He does not agree that all giant celled growths should have the toxin, because they are benign and should be eradicated if pos- sible; but all other growths, whether operated upon or not, should get the injections and have the bene- fit of the rontgen ray in massive doses, or be treated with radium. Differential Diagnosis of Diseases of the Hip Joint in Children. — Arthur T. Legg (Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, June 10, 1920) says that at times it is a matter of great difficulty to , flomax women dift'erentiate between the tuberculous and the non- J tuberculous infection of this joint, and impossible ■ until the flomax tamsulosin case has been thoroughly studied. A most careful history should be flomax price obtained. A most com- plete physical examination should be made. A rontgenogram should be taken in everj^ case of suspected bone or joint disease ; and every labora- tory method at our disposal should be used before making a positive diagnosis. Complications of Bacillary Dysentery. — P. Manson-Bahr (British Medical Journal, June 12, 1920) describes an arthritis which occurs in the

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