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M.D., F.R.S. Illustrated. London, New York, Chicago, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras : Longmans, Green and Com- pany, 1919. Pp. xx-234. The writer of this book is hardly just to its value. He designates it as "little more than a Famvir Purchase collection of data and tags of comment." One feels this in cer- tain places and accepts the author's apology for it. In much of the book any such criticism is forgotten in interest in its vivid facts. The data it presents have this vividness, for they are the strange facts not of material reality but the products of Buy Famvir man's fertile ability for phantasy creation. They are vivid also with Smith's own interest in searching them •out and presenting them. Even more are they alive with the keen interpretation with which he views them as expressions of man's basic strivings. He has been feailess in carrying them back to an expression of the ever active reproductive need. This has always sought varying expression. So there are ample discussions of some of these large features which form great psychic way stations where desires stop, start out again, and Famvir 500mg again return. The study of the Great Mother, typified in Aphro- dite but symbolized over and over again, in part and in whole, is one of these. The Dragon is a picture of the same and of more besides. One could ask for an even deeper penetration of the sym- "bolism, a profounder comprehension of Famvir 500 Mg the striving dreams of man. Then we are confronted with the again raised question of spontaneous arising of all this symbolic matter in different parts of the world, or its dififu- sion from one cradled origin woidd fade into insig- nificance. Migrations preserve and carry forward the past, but everywhere this past meets fertile growths like itself and is reimpregnated by them. Together they form new products, the origins of which can as little exclude one another as either parent can with egotism exclusively assume the -production of a child. MEDICAL LECTURES TO NURSES. A Course Cheap Famvir of Lectures on Medicine to Order Famvir Online Nurses. Famvir Famciclovir By Herbert E. Cuff, M. D., F. R. C. S., Principal Medical Officer to Order Famvir the Metropolitan Asylums Board ; Late Medical Super- intendent, North Eastern Fever Hospital, Tottenliara, London. Seventh Edition. With Twenty-nine Illustra- tions. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1920. Pp. vii-257. The tired nurse with ragged nerves and aching feet does not always respond cheerfully to the invitation to improve her mind, but there are some, wearied with routine and hard work, who will resolve to make themselves fit for something better, out of pure desperation. When the lectures are given by a man interested in the nursing world and is a clear expositor, he rarely lacks an Buy Famvir Online audience. To Famvir Price fortify Buy Cheap Famvir the little knowledge posessed by the nurse of anatomy and pathology, and to Famvir Online prevent discouragement, the author has fully explained enough to launch her safely on the sea of medical knowledge. The fact that a seventh edition has been called for is sufficient recommendation of the teacher. In it a lecture on pulmonary tuberculosis and sanatoria treatment has been added. He deals with many forms of disease not usually given Famvir Buy in nursing manuals, having noted the anxiety of the nurse to understand what he is saying to students in his clinical rounds, and knows she often falls into despair when trying to find out for herself in textbooks. The chapter on Children's Diseases is good, as these inarticulate patients who cannot explain their pain often sorely puzzle the nurse. Hemorrhage, too, especially when internal, often makes for alarm. The book is small and pocketable. We are safe in predicting an eighth edition. A MEDIEVAL ROMANCE. The Revels of Orsera. A Mediaeval Romance. By Ronald Ross. New York : E. P. Famvir 500 Dutton & Co., 1920. Pp. vi-393. With one or two exceptions, doctors as story writers are as big a failure as a layman attempting a surgical treatise. They are so accustomed to con- densation in case writing that they cannot put in enough frills and thrills Famvir Cost and scenery to expand Purchase Famvir and beautify stem facts. Their characters are often only animated megaphones. It was therefore with a melancholy sniffleness that the reviewer took up this book, only consoled by the fact that a Scotsman might be dry but would never be foolish. Hope is realized. Famciclovir Famvir Curiosity is awakened as the reader travels back to the .Swiss mountains in 1495 and encounters Morova Famvir 250 Mg Neroni and her deformed son, Zozimo, with his twin sister, the marvelously beau- tiful Astrella. She, with Count Reichenfel's daugh- ter, Lelita, move the hearts of and influence the Prince of Astra, Trullo, the Count's nephew, Bran, his captain of arms, a crowd of knights, guards, priests, a deformed jester, and a witch. There is an uneasy mystery hanging heavily on the story, for there is a Voice, th« supernatural Astrella, the rapidly appearing and disappearing Count Azrimar, who becomes the chosen suitor for Lelita, he win- ning her by adventure in joust Purchase Famvir Online and tourney, and

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