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Brooklyn Cardiological Society. — The next meeting of the Brooklyn Cardiological Society will be held Monday evening, January 31st, at 8:30 o'clock, at the office of the president. Dr. William J. Cruikshank. 102 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn. The paper of the evening will be read by Dr. Harold E. hydrochlorothiazide cost B. Pardee, cheap hydrochlorothiazide of Manhattan, on the Field of Use- fulness of Polygraph and buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide Electrocardiograph Diag- nosis of Cardiac Disease. In a previous hydrochlorothiazide price item concerning this society, pub- lished in our December 11th issue, page 954, the name of Dr. Richard buy hydrochlorothiazide C. Cabot, of Boston, was inadvertently omitted from the list of honorary members of this society, and through a typographical error tlie name of one of the speakers, the Rev. Dr. Kraeling, was spelled incorrectly. Resolutions on the Death of Dr. Hyman Cli- menko. — Resolutions on the death of Dr. Hyman Ciimenko. which occurred in New York on December 16th, were adopted by the Neurological Staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, as follows: Whereas, The untimely death of Dr. Hyman Ciimenko has deprived the Xeurological Staff of Mount Sinai Hos- pital of a beloved colleague ; and Where.^s. We, his associates,- wish to recognize his great attainments as a true p'hysician, his nobility of char- acter, the simplicity of his life, his devotion to ethical conduct and his love esidrix 25 mg of social justice; and Where.\s. We. his intimate friends, feel keenly the ir- reparable loss which his death has caused, therefore be it Rcsohrd, That we express our sympathy with his widow- in her sorrow over the loss of so devoted a husband, and witli purchase hydrochlorothiazide online the children who esidrix or zaroxolyn have been prematurely deprived of thi.- tender guidance of their father. Meetings order hydrochlorothiazide online of Local Medical Societies. — The fol- lowing medical societies will meet in New York during the coming week : Tuesday, December sSth. — New York Academy of Medi- cine buy hydrochlorothiazide online (Section in Obstetrics and Gynecology) ; New York Derraatological Society ; New York Medical Union ; Metro- politan Society of New York City (annual) ; New York Psychoanalytic Society; Riverside Practitioners' Society: Therapeutic generic hydrochlorothiazide Club; Valentine Mott hydrochlorothiazide tablets Society; Washington Heights Medical Society: Woman's hydrochlorothiazide mg Hospital Society; Clinical Society of the Hospital and Dispensary for De- formities and Joint Diseases. Friday, December 3 1st. — Hospital Graduates' Club of Brooklyn. Legal Status of the Public Health Service. — Surgeon General Hugh S. Gumming, of the United States Public Health Service, in his annual report, said that in his opinion it was of the utmost impor- tance that the legal status of the Public Health Service in its war risk work should be firmly estab- lished by placing an administrative head over the three major agencies involved, namely, the War Risk Insurance Bureau, the Federal Board for Vocational Education, and the Public Health Serv- ice, and tha't these three bureaus should operate thereunder as coordinate and independent bureaus in close cooperation. Died. Backman. — In Philadelphia, Pa., on Monday, December 6th. Dr. Edward F. Backman, aged sLxty order hydrochlorothiazide years. Bishop. — purchase hydrochlorothiazide In Edensburg, Pa., on Saturday, November 27th, Dr. William T. Bishop, aged eighty years. Brown. — In Boston, Mass., on Thursday, December 9th, Dr. Louis Sumner Brown. BuECHXER. — In Youngstown, Ohio, on Wednesday, De- cember 15th, Dr. William H. Buechner, aged fifty-six years. Climenko. — In New York Citj', on Thursday, December 16th, Dr. Hyman Ciimenko, aged forty-five years. Corxwell. — In Buffalo, N. Y., on Saturday, November 27th. Dr. Benjamin W. Cornwell, aged fifty-eight years. Davis. — In Ellicott hydrochlorothiazide online City, Md., on Tuesday, December 14th, Dr. John W. Davis. Douglass. — In Philadelphia, Pa., on Tuesday, December 7th, Dr. John S. Douglass, of Cape May Court House, N^. J., aged forty-five years. Kjxsman. — In Saginaw, buy esidrix Mich., on Sunday, Decemlier 5th, Dr, Enos C. Kinsman, aged fifty-six years. Martin. — In Baltimore, Md., on Wednesday, December Sth, Dr. Frank Martin, aged fifty-eight years. Merrill, — In Dozier, Ala., on Sunday, November 2Sth, Dr. J. P. Merrill, aged forty-six years.

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