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meeting of the society will be held on Tuesday, January 4th. Dr. E. David Friedman will present a case of buy cheap erythromycin Dyspituitarism with Hypertension, and papers will be read by Dr. Charles cost erythromycin gel Rosenheck, Dr. George H. cost erythromycin ophthalmic Kirby, Dr. L. Pierce Clark, and Dr. Philip R. Lehrman. Diphtheria in New York. — During the four weeks beginning October 23rd and ending Novem- ber average cost erythromycin 20th, 1,354 cases of diphtheria were reported to the Department price erythromycin ointment of Health of the City of New York, with sixty-seven deaths. The average num- ber of cases and deaths during the corresponding period of the five preceding years was 855 cases price erythromycin ophthalmic ointment and sixty deaths. Brooklyn M. E. Hospital Plans Maternity Hos- pital. — On December 15th, the thirty-third anni- versary cost of erythromycin 500mg of the price erythromycin india Methodist Episcopal Hospital, of Brooklyn, announcement was made that the estab- lishment of a Maternity Hospital was being seri- ously considered by order erythromycin the board of managers, and that an anonymous gift of $30,000 had been received to launch the enterprise, which it is estimated will cost $200,000. No immediate action will be taken, but a committee of five has been appointed to study modern methods of construction and equipment of maternity hospitals. St. Louis University Establishes a Department of Pharmacology. cost erythromycin topical — Announcement has been made by the president of St. Louis University that Dr. John Auer, pharmacologist of the Rockefeller Institute of New York, has been secured to insti- tute and conduct a department of pharmacology in the College of Medicine of the University. It is the hope of the faculty cheap erythromycin of the university to be able, through the Centennial Endowment Fund of $3,- 000,000 now being raised by the friends and alumni of "the institution, to establish complete departments in every line of medical instruction and research. Vital Statistics in New York. — During the cost erythromycin week ending December 11th there were 1,144 deaths from all causes reported to the Department of Health of the City of New York, corresponding to an annual death rate of 9.72 in a thousand of population, compared with a rate of 11.18 for the corresponding period in 1919. Of these deaths, 44 were due to acute infectious diseases, 86 to pul- monary tuberculosis, 9 to influenza, 64 to lobar pneumot^ia, 56 how much does azithromycin cost to bronchopneumonia, and 66 were violent deaths. The violent deaths do not include suicides, of which there were 18. The deaths under one year numbered 160 ; under five years, 221 ; be- tween five and sixty-five, 659 ; sixty-five years and over, 264. The births during the week numbered 2,302: stillbirths, 123, and marriages, 1,368. December 25. 1920.] NEWS ITEMS. 1041 American Association for the price erythromycin gel Advancement of Science. — The seventy-third meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science will be held in Chicago, December 27th to January 1st, under the presidency of Dr. L. O. Howard, of Washington, D. C. The retiring president, Dr. cost erythromycin eye ointment Simon Flexner, of New York, will deliver an address on Twent3'-five Years of Bac- teriological Research. Personal. — Dr. Edward A. price erythromycin philippines Park, associate pro- fessor of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, has accepted the online erythromycin chair of pediatrics in the Yale Medical School. Surgeon General Ireland, of the United States Army, has been awarded the silver medal of the Serbian Red Cross. Dr. E. Ellis Owen has been appointed health officer of Louisville, Ky., to succeed Dr. Thomas H. Baker, purchase erythromycin deceased. ■ Rockefeller Foundation to Aid Medical Schools of Central Europe. — To assist medical schools in Central cost erythromycin ophthalmic ointment Europe, the Rockefeller Foundation an- nounces a cooperative program covering the follow- ing points: 1. Aid in the rehabilitation of scientific equipment for medical teaching and research. 2. Aid in furnishing medical journals to universities throughout Europe. 3. An invitation to the author- ities of Belgrade University Medical School to study medical education in America and England, as guests of the Foundation. Colonel F. F. Russell, who has been in Prague since August, sen-ing as technical adviser in public health laborator\- organization to the Czech Ministry of Hygiene, will arrange the details of the plan.

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