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As medical men we are not interested in politics. Our business is to prevent suffering and not to inquire into what form of government suffering men and women are obliged to live under. Here again we ask our readers to express themselves freely by writing to the editor of the New York !Medic.\l Journal, stating wliat they think should be done in the matter. PHYSICIAN AUTHORS: DR. BERNARD DE MANDEVILLE History was repeating itself when, a few years ago, a flurry of interest was created by discovery of the fact that Joseph Conrad's incomparable sea stories were the work of a man who had had to learn the English language after he had grown up. That a man should attain such rare mastery of style and expression in English under such conditions was in- deed unusual, but not unprecedented. Something over two hundred years ago Dr. Bernard de Mande- ville, a Dutch physician, went to London when he was twent\'-one "years old to learn English. In a few years he was talking it so well that Londoners who did not know him refused to believe he was a foreigner. Aloreover, in a few years he was writing English with the brilliancy of a genius. Dr. dc Mandeville was born about 1670 at Dordrecht (Dort), Holland, where his father practised as a physician. He went to London shortly after his graduation from the University of Leyden on March 30, 1691, intending to remain there only a year or two. Instead, he Erectalis Online spent the rest of his days there and became the most talked of writer in England. He amazed all men of learning by the boldness of his thought and the richness of his literary style. His Fable of The Bees was the literary sensation of the hour and became the storm centre of a controversy that was about as furious as any rumpus of its kind that ever raged in merrie England. • This controversy arose over the audacious Buy Erectalis Online doc- trines that de ]\Iandeville propounded with such vigor and lucidity. The moot point in The Fable of The Dees was that individual virtues are det- rimental to the welfare of the state in its commer- cial and intellectual progress and that private vices are public benefits. This hypothesis at once set in motion a flood of attack and defense. Some said it was truth and others said it was twaddle. In the main, however, British intellectuals stigmatized this bizarre philosophy as false, cynical and de- grading. The matter even reached the stage of a grand jury investigation, but nothing miKh ever came of that except that it Buy Erectalis stimulated de Mande- ville, his supporters and his opponents, to fresh onslaughts of debata. The jury investigation hinged largely on the Erectalis Tablets charge that de Mandeville's book was oversalacious, and it must be admitted that even for that free-spoken day and age it was. to say the least, a trifle immodest and gross, particularly in those erotic stanzas wherein the genial Dutch doctor sought to fortify his paradoxical arguments by examples. The Fable of The Bees was a satire in the Hudibrastic vein showing a society possessed of all the virtues and devoid of all vices falling into apathy and utterly paralyzed. It was a humdrum, sluggish world, this supervirtuous world that de Mandeville depicted — stagnant from lack of luxuries, miserable from absence of selflove and indulgence. In such a world, he contended, civilization marks time, comes to a standstill because there is nothing to stimulate society into action and progress, to arouse inventive ambition and keep up the proper circu- lation of capital. In teaching that men who restrain' tlieir selfish appetites and sacrifice their own inter- ests for the public good are fools and dupes, de Mandeville anticipated a good part of the teachings of Nietzsche, the selfstyled immoralist, who con- tended that all the conventional morality and tradi- tional ethics of the human race are absurd. As Chamber's Encyclopedia of English Litera- ture points out, de Mandeville was at his best and nearer to modern views in his accoimt of the origin of modern society. There is, in fact, a lot of sound reasoning in de IMandeville's fable outside his main thesis concerning virtue and vice. Contempora- ries who attacked him condemned him throughout, but as has been pointed out by several critics in more recent times, it is mere prejudice to deny that he had considerable philosophic insight. Not all of his ideas were buncombe. Samuel Johnson saj^s "de Mandeville opened my views into real life very much" and JIacaulay was exceptionally loud in his praise of the ability of de ^Mandeville to trace the motives of human actions. Other defenders of de ^Mandeville point out that his antimoral specula- tions were not written with an immoral object but were rather the oittcome of a playful desire to shock and divert his contemporaries. In one respect it may be said that de Mandeville was somewhat like George Bernard Shaw. It was well nigh impossible to tell at times when he was in jest and when in earnest. It is reasonable to suppose, however, that

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