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Vomiting steadily increased and on the third day the vomitus consisted of black stained fluid. Weak- ness, loss of weight and distention soon became quite marked. On the fourth day the distention had assumed such proportions as to interfere with the cardiac action, with resulting cyanosis and, in the case of one of the twins, death. I arrived on the scene shortly after the death of one twin, and inspection of the live one revealed an, infant practically in a moribund state. This child was markedly cyanosed, the abdomen was tremend- ously enlarged, the breathing was shallow, the extremities cold, the radial pulse imperceptible, the heart Differin Gel Online rapid and feeble. The diagnosis occurred to 1. — Case of Hirschsprung's one of twins, at five me after taking the patient's temperature, which was 96° F. I experienced a slight difficulty in passing the anal sphincter, and after the ther- mometer was within the bowel it seemed to me that the gut was unusually roomy. I then withdrew the thermometer and Differin Oily Skin in its place inserted a glass test POPPER: HIRSCHSPRVXG'S DISEASE. 1031 tube about four and a balf inches long and three eigliths of an inch in diameter. This Buy Differin Gel 0.3 tube also had Differin For Acne Scars to be Differin And Acne Scars forced through the anal sphincter, and when in the bowel I was able to make wide excur- sions with the free end of the tube within the gut. Coupon For Differin Gel Holding the tube Buy Differin Gel Online in place with my right hand, I -X ray photograph show ikiJIy dilated colon. proceeded to exert considerable pressure with my left palm on the distended abdomen. Presently a large amount of fiuid mixed with meconium and gas was expelled past the tube. I continued this treatment until the abdominal distention was almost ^ completely reduced. The relief experienced by the infant was immediately apparent, the heart action improved, the cyanosis cleared up, the breathing became deeper, and within less than an hour water was retained by mouth and the baby even made an attempt to take Generic Differin Gel the breast. Inspection of the abdomen after the distention Epiduo Vs Differin Vas reduced revealed the presence of active peri- stalsis throughout, a large wave extending from the right iliac region up and across and down the left side, Differin Lotion Coupon seeming to follow the course of the colon and several smaller waves Where To Buy Differin Gel going across the centre of the abdomen Order Differin Online from left to right. At the same time on palpation through the thin abdominal wall and especially in the centre of the abdomen, which was the seat of diastasis recti, one could grasp the thickened and enlarged coils of intestine. There was no doubt of the fact that the gut was hyper- trophied to the touch. The diagnosis was verified by fluoroscopic examination Differin Gel Generic as well as radiograph made when the baby was sixteen days old. (Fig. 2.) A complete Differin Canada physical examination made on the fifth day of life revealed only one other abnormality, viz., a Differin Xp Gel distinct but not very loud systolic murmur at left pulmonic area transmitted to the back. SUBSEQUENT HISTORY. At the time of writing my little patient is twenty- eight weeks old. During that short period she has led a very eventful and precarious Differin Adapalene Cream 0.1 existence. On several occasions she Differin Vs Epiduo was at the point of death. Buy Differin Cream Her bowels have never moved completely' without assistance. Occasionally she would have a spon- taneous movement. At three different times as a result of intestinal toxemia Differin Gel Buy she has had severe con- vulsions, vomiting, fever, distention, and generalized edema. Her stools at this time would contain a considerable amount of mucus and blood. On the other hand, on two occasions such severe diarrhea developed that in about twenty-four hours her body became practically dehydrated. When four weeks

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