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Flexible Flat Foot. By H. Scheimberg, Brooklyn, Lecturer on Mechanical Orthopedics. The First Atorvastatin Rosuvastatin Institute of Podiatrv, New York. (Concluded from page 993.) It is peculiarly unfortunate that persistent pain in the young children is often lacking. I say unfor- tunate, because if direct pain were more marked, parents would, of course, give the condition early attention. Where pain is present, the tendency is to regard it as growing pains. The absence of persistent pain is easily explained. Pain itself can only occur with or be consequent to such factors as overstrain, actual injury, or in disease as, for ex- ample, a tuberculous arthritis of the ankle or neigh- boring joints, in the foot, or, for that matter, in any joint. In the common weak foot, however, we have no history of direct injury or disease, while the element of overstrain cannot operate to produce persistent pain because of the relatively lighter weight of the child's body and the frequent rest periods to which the child Purchase Crestor Online resorts. It is only when the child gets older and heavier, or where we have an unusual rapid growth or increase of weight, or where employment Buy Crestor necessitates foot work without a choice of rest periods, that the element of over- strain enters and painful disability and often nerv- ous exhaustion become the dominating symptoms. We can thus realize the intimate relationship between the weak foot and the body mechanism. It becomes clear that in attempting to correct faulty posture in any part Crestor Online of the body, the feet should not be overlooked as a possible direct or contributing factor in creating lack of body balance. Where the abdomen -projects excessively or round shoulders exist, where there is clumsiness in action and fre- quent falling, we may also find that the child is suffering consciously or unconsciously from a weak- foot which may require prime consideration. The general practitioner might do well, therefore, to include the feet in a routine examination of the child, particularly after acute illnesses that may have weakened the general musculature. In the treatment of the ordinary Crestor Tablets weak feet in Crestor Cost children the use of operative surgery is not a logical expedient because as we have seen the problem is not one of a fixed and localized deformity as Rosuvastatin 10 much as a functional weakness on the part of Order Crestor several structures and restoration of functional ability Crestor Price on the part Rosuvastatin 10 Mg of the weakened structures is of prime importance, not the correction of the deformity. When functional tonicity on the part of the weak- ened fleshy structures has occurred, the deformity automatically disappears. Operative methods are contraindicated also, because of the danger to ulti- mate bone growth from interference with rapidly What Is Rosuvastatin developing bone ; but primarily because the prog- nosis Order Crestor Online by the use of simple measures and the co- operation of Buy Crestor Online the patient, is both excellent and fairly immediate. The use of plaster of paris or adhesive plaster dressings for tlie purpose of maintaining the foot in an overcorrectecl (inverted and adducted) posi- Generic Crestor nber 25, 1920.] SCHEJMBERG: WEAK FOOT L\ THE CHILD. 1027 tion is contraindicated here. Such measures are appropriate to overcome spasm, or tixed shortening: of the peronei muscles, or where immobilization is sought, as in an acute inflammatory condition. Here, however, none of these conditions obtain while the element of continued immobilization, more so Crestor Mg with the plaster of paris, incident to these methods contradicts Buy Cheap Crestor the prime essential for the cure of the condition, namely, the restoration of functional ability which can only be secured by function. With adhesive plaster, we have less immobilization, Purchase Crestor but the continuance of adhesive on the skin over a period of time as required in the majority of these cases cannot long be tolerated. In some cases, however, I have found that several adhesive plaster strap- pings so adjusted as to throw back the heel bone, when used in conjunction with due attention to other elements of treatment, has resulted in an unusually rapid correction in a few weeks and in some Rosuvastatin Calcium rare cases in about a week. This is not typical, but where it has occurred the child seemed to be unusually Cheap Crestor intelligent, and this intelligence may have ofierated reflexly to effect an instinctively en- forced assumption of the correct position during

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