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It is a period, nevertheless, in which imitation of conduct, temperament, and habits hold supreme sway. Reason and decision not yet formed, imita- tion and imagination are dominant. The influence that health has upon mentality and habit upon health is not appreciated. If it were, the preschool child in the family of ideals would not be permitted to drift into a haphazard physical condition as he is today. buy celexa He would receive at least as much routine attention as does the family automobile, buy cheap celexa toward keeping his combustion perfect and his "machinery" in order. In other ways than by diet, however, can the child's mental growth be encouraged. Right physi- cal hygiene fosters healthy mental hygiene. The influence of carriage upon conduct, of posture upon principle, is too well known -to need more than passing mention. "Poor bodily mechanics," quoted by Fritz Talbot and Lloyd T. Brown, of Boston, are responsible in great measure celexa generic cost for at least three abnormal physical conditions. These in turn act as nerve irritants and aflfect the mental horizon. Concrete illustrations of physical determinants upon mental health are found in the commoner health problems. Among those producing direct effect upon the adolescent outlook, consider first a simple surgical procedure that is best performed during celexa price comparison infancy or childhood, e. g., circimicision order celexa canada in the male. This should be universal, not alone as a protection against irritation and possible later infection, but in the nervous child a scientific operation is an effec- tive means of aiding his mental equilibriiun. Habitual apprehension of the future, as well as timidity celexa prices us and senseless fears exhibited in the child's daily life, is not infrequently the result of physical reflexes. Ej-estrain, phimosis, anemia, and intes- tinal toxemia are common contributors. Freeing the clitoris in the female often allays irritation and should also be a routine procedure in infancy. Bernard Shaw's satire on specific surgery makes one hesitant to assert that tonsillectom\' in the child buy celexa 40 mg from three order celexa online no prescription to six years as a practically routine procedure would save countless lives from sporadic and epidemic infections. However, when one con- scientiously observes the multitude of adults who, after dragging through celexa discount card half their celexa manufacturer discount program lives, are finally rejuvenated by parting with a cfj-ptic tonsil, or hidden source of sepsis, he finds it hard to defend any tonsil under the least suspicion. order celexa without rx Furthermore, the death rate from heart disease receives its greatest impetus from infected tonsils of preadolescent years. Kerley has data revealing the ages from five to twelve to be the period of greatest susceptibility. This is a consideration against the doubtful tonsil upon which not enough emphasis is given. As 1020 CARTER: MENTAL HEALTH OF CHILD. [New York Medicai- order celexa line Journ.' physicians assuming the care of children, we have been caught napping because we have no habitual method of checking up the supposedly well child. Our observations are usually made after the heart damage is done. Adenoid and tonsillar hyper- trophy or infection are so commonly noted among school children as a cause of retarded mentality that they need to be merely mentioned as obvious physical determinants in the child's mental health. Physical buy celexa canada defects. — Perhaps the commonest and least considered physical cause for defect in order celexa no prescription charac- ter development is found in the ubiquitous flat foot or broken down arches of the foot. Analyze for a moment the component elements of character and we find application, or stick-to-itiveness a sine qua non in all well balanced minds. This is a quality implying the ability for persistent effort. Let the child find that order celexa standing tires him, that long generic celexa vs celexa tramps over the hills leave him exhausted and without appetite, that tennis makes his back ache, that skating causes his feet to pain, and we soon find that child losing interest in these physical efforts, yet by such physical efforts demanding skill, strength and endurance, are bodies made sym- metrical and minds trained to coordinate. In a word, it is true that the boy who doesn't enjoy outdoor contests loses the greatest possible stimulant to clean character 4)uilding. He is handicapped by this loss of mental training in the perception, com- prehension, courage, and coordination which con- tests give. Weak arches are directly responsible for many mollycoddles in discount celexa boys celexa cost without insurance and girls. The condition of constitutional asthenia to which Lewis has order celexa online applied the term effort syndrome, and which Kerley pertinently says permits of "poor student material, fifty per cent, of which should be scrapped and put to productive occupation," is not always found in mental weaklings. Physical handi-

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