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babies in this country should have the advantage of additional feeding. Breast milk should be repeatedly examined as to quantity and quality Buy Caduet during the nursing period, and the child kept under at Caduet Dose least monthly supen'ision. A frequent error in breast feeding is to assume that the nourishment must be adequate. Kindly understand I am criticising de- fective breast feeding only. I have helped thou- Caduet 5 Mg sands of infants to better breast milk and for a Caduet Dosage longer period than they otherwise would have had. I appreciate also that there are exceptions to what I have Purchase Caduet already stated relating to the limitations of the nursing period. A mother, a fonuer patient at the outpatient department of the Babies' Hos- pital, nursed five children almost continuously over a period of eight years, the nursing being inter- rupted but about six months during this time. The longest period of continuous Order Caduet nursing to come under my observation was in an Italian woman who nursed a boy three and a half years. She informed me that her milk had nearly failed after eighteen Caduet Coupon months, when she had a miscarriage, and the flow returned, when the nursing was continued much more satisfactorily than before. cow's MILK FOR OLDER CHILDREN. After the eighteenth month in the average well child better growth will result with a reduction of Caduet Dosing Caduet Price the daily milk allowance to approximately twenty I)fc mher 25. 19211.] KERLEY: DEEECTU'E DEVELOl MEXT 1017 ounces daily, providing adequate nourishment Buy Cheap Caduet can otherwise be furnished. Under conditions when other foods cannot be given and in suitable amounts a larger daily milk content in the diet may be of advantage to balance up a defective dietery. In such instances cod liver oil and iron shotild be given. I have Caduet 10 Mg seen a vast number of children with varying degrees of malnutrition who were taking from one to two quarts or more of milk daily. Almost in- variably such children have a capricious appetite, they dislike other articles of diet largely because they are never given an ojiportunity to become real hungry and get Generic For Caduet acquainted with a wider range of foods. Physically these children show poor muscle development, are pot bellied, constipated, under- weight, and flabby. They are subject to frequent socalled bilious attacks. Blood examination seldom fails to show a secondary anemia because of the poor iron Caduet Cost content in their milk Caduet Online food. Mentally they are irritable and difficult of management. Nature has fashioned a child for other foods than milk after and even before the cessation of the normal nursing period. Cow's milk never entered into the calculation. Advocating a quart of milk .is bad teaching. PERSISTENT ANEMIA IN INFANTS AND YOUNG CHILDREN. I refer to those who show a hemoglobin content under thirtv per cent, with red cells varying from 1,500,000 to 2.500.000, a condition which is not unusual. The child is pale, weakly, with very faulty development. Treated along the usual lines of feeding changes and drugs, the child makes little or no progress. These cases are not simple mal- nutrition, with anemia ; they are cases of anemia with secondary malnutrition, and are most fre- quently seen in quite young infants. The treatment that has been most successful in my cases has been intravenous blood transfusion. The cause of the anemia is obscure. There is some radical defect in the blood Caduet Generic making processes. The introduction of 120 to 150 c. c. of human blood into the circu- lation supplies the required stimulating agency. Food which before had only a sustaining value is now well assimilated and a satisfactory growth follows. In some young infants an astonishingly rapid increase in weight resulted. The following is my most recent case of this nature : Case I. — A boy four months old, weighing ten pounds, was brought to me because of anemia and marked malnutrition. Blood What Is Caduet examination showed a hemoglobin content of thirty per cent, and red cells 2,005,000. Before any attempts at feeding were made, he was given 120 c. c. of the mother's blood intravenously by Dr. P. W. Bevans at the Babies' Hospital. The following day the hemo- globin content was fifty-five per cent, and the red Caduet Tablets cells 4,100,000. Sixteen days later a blood exam- ination showed hemoglobin fifty-five per cent, and red cells 4,000,000. He was then Caduet Mg put on a formula of fat, two per cent. ; protein, one and a half per cent., and sugar, six per cent. He Purchase Caduet Online immediately

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