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and presumably some time will be, by reduction of the prevalence of adult tuberculosis. But this is beside the point for present consideration, for Aygestin 5 Mg reasons stated above, and from the further fact that Buy Norethindrone Acetate administrative measures are not, in Aygestin Online reality, con- trolling or ameliorating the Aygestin Tablets infant mortality from tuberculosis. About fatal congenital syphilis, fatal congenital Aygestin Price organic Norethindrone Acetate Tablets diseases of the heart, congenital malforma- tions grave enough to be fatal in the first year of life, Generic Aygestin and fatal congenital debility, there will probably be no dispute. Regarding premature birth, and injuries at birth, much the same reasoning applies, but with the additional consideration that presum- ably intelligent prenatal education of the mothers and improvement of prenatal environmental condi- tions would reduce these mortality rates in some ■ unknown, but probably not very large degree. There is no tangible evidence that these causes of death are in effect administratively controlled in any appreciable Aygestin Cost degree in this country at this Aygestin 5mg time. Finally, it should be said that one occasionally PEARL: INFAXT MORTALITY. 1013 important cause of infant mortality is omitted entirely from the classification. This is influenza. The reason for the omission is simply that the statistical discussion which follows is based upon 1918 mortality figures and inasmuch as that was a year in which the influenza mortality was abnormally SHOWING THE DEA BIRTHS FOR, A. DEATH 1> Births City 111 191S Bridgeport 4,910 New Haven . . . 4.869 Washington ... 8,162 Indianapolis ... 5.196 Louisville 4,368 Baltimore 15,143 Boston 20,062 Buy Aygestin Online Cambridge 2,672 Fall River 3,646 Lowell 3,286 Worcester 5,238 Detroit 27,036 Grand Rapids . . 2,836 Buy Aygestin Minneapolis . . . Buy Cheap Aygestin 8,704 St. Paul 5,155 Albany 2,153 Buffalo 13,989 Bronx Borough 16,763 Brooklyn Bor. . 49,515 Manhattan Bor. 59,227 Queens Borough 9,467 Richmond Bor. 2,677 Rochester 6,855 Syracuse 4,352 Cincinnati 7,913 Cleveland 20,699 Columbus 4,464 Dayton 3,282

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