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the colored population as for the white population in each of the demographic losartan vs avapro units considered, and at all times. This again is a fact in general well known, but here we have precise figures on the point, with probable errors, which show definitely how tremendously poorer the negro baby's chances avapro alternatives of surviving the first year buy cheap avapro of life are than the white baby's. 6. The cities of over 25,000 exhibit distinctly less variation in avapro tablet respect of infant mortality than avapro coupon do either the smaller avapro 75 mg cities (under 25,000) or the rural counties. The avapro recall smaller cities and the rural counties exhibit abotit the same degree of variation relative to their means, but absolutely, in terms of avapro vs diovan standard deviation, the rural counties show less avapro avalide variabilitv than the cities under 25,000. The colored avapro classification distri- butions exhibit a much higher degree avapro generic alternative of variation in respect of infant mortality however measured, whether absolute or relative, than do the white populations. In general, it may fairly avapro 10 mg avapro cost be -as-sumed might perhaps be taken to indicate that the task confronting the administrative control of infant mortality in the United States and yet to avapro discount card be accom- plished is even greater than what has already been accomplished in the past* great and worthy of com- mendation as that is. D.\T.\ ox THE LIMITATIONS TO .\DMINISTRATI\-E COXTROL OF INFANT MORT.VLITV. \\"e have seen that there is a high degree of vari- ation in order avapro online the rate of infant mortality as we pass from community to community. Some communities have infant mortality rates several times higher than those prevailing in other communities of the same size. This creates the presumption at once that avapro generic name proper administrative activity might reduce the rates of these abnormally high communities to a level commensurate with those found in the lower group. It is the purpose of this section of the paper to examine this presumption critically. At the start it is evident that there are some catises of infant mortality which are, in their very nature, beyond hope of effective practical human control. Thus, children born with marked congeni- tal hydrocephalus will presently die, in spite of 1012 PEARL: INFANT MORTALITY. [New Yor Medical Jouf anything the health officer can do, no matter how active and intelligent he may be. There are many other causes of death falling in essentially the same category in this respect. Not as any final or dogmatic settlement of the matter, but rather as a tentative first approximation made for the purpose of seeing whether any sug- gestive lead may appear, I have ventured to attempt to classify the principal causes of mortality in the first year of life into two groups. The first of these groups aims to include those important causes of infant mortality which are either, a, actually now effectively controlled by the efforts of health offi- cials, either directly or indirectly through avapro coupons general sanitary and hygienic improvements, or, b, are obviously capable theoretically of control and amelioration if sufficient pains be taken. The second group aims to include those causes of infant deaths which are, in the nature of the case, out of the present range of effective practical, direct con- trol or amelioration. Let us see what such a classi- fication, to a first approximation, looks like. TEXT.\TI\-E CLASSIFICATION- OF PRIXCIP.\L CAUSES OF IXFANT MORTALITY. ^. — Causes of death actually now B. — Causes of death avapro price not noTi- well controlled, or capable capable practically of direct theoretically of direct con- control, trot in greater or less 'degree. Measles Tuberculosis of the lungs Scarlet fever Whooping cough Tuberculous meningitis Diphtheria and order avapro croup Dysenterj'

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