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ures are systematically and effectively applied to reduce the infant mortality in those other communi- ties showing very high rates to something like the level of these at present more fortunate communities. In Table 1, are presented the chief physical con- stants' of the distributions of variation Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets in infant mortality. These constants have l^een determined by the method of moments from the original raw Discount Atorvastatin data. (I am greatly indebted to my assistant, Mrs. Charmian Howell, for aid in the arithmetical work of this paper.) The Atorvastatin Fenofibrate constants tabled are : 1. The arithmetic mean. 2. The median. This measures the value above and below which exactly half of the Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin variates occur. 3. The standard deviation. This constant meas- ures in absolute units the degree of "scatter" or variation exhiliited by the distribution. 4. The skewness. This constant measures the degree of asymmetry of a Atorvastatin Generic Availability frequency distribution. If a distribution is perfectly .symmetrical on both sides of the mean so that if folded over upon the mean as an axis the two limbs would Atorvastatin Calcium Generic exactly coin- cide, the value of the skewness is zero. From the data presented in Sandoz Atorvastatin Table I the following points are to be noted : 1. There is no certainly significant decline Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate in the mean value of the rate of infant mortality during the four years covered by these statistics in any of the demographic units considered. 2. In 1918 there was a general tendency towards an increase in the mean rate of mortality over that which obtained in 1917. This increase is unques- tionably to be attributed to the influenza epidemic of the autumn and winter of 1918. A careful examination of the Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin rates by months will convince one Atorvastatin Spc that the mortality of infants increased materially during Atorvastatin Ca the period of the Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics epidemic. Whether this increased number of deaths was truly to be charged to Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg influenza does not concern us here. The impor- tant fact is that the rate of infant mortality markedly increased coincidentally with the existence of the epidemic. It is noteworthy that this increase in the infant Atorvastatin Ppt mortality rate in 1918 is practically confined to the cities. The rural counties, whether ' For a very brief and mathematical treatment of frequency Tables firr Statisticians and Biomctricii References to the basic literature on the IS. 1914, pp. Ix to Ix ubject will be found thei 1 PEARL: INFAXT MORTALITY. 1011 for white or colored or total population, show little or no change in 1918 as compared with 1917. 3. There is no unequivocal difference in Teva Atorvastatin the Atorvastatin Canada mean rates of infant mortality in the larger as compared with the smaller cities. Considering the largest dif- ferences in mean rates for total populations in cities of 25,000 and over as compared with cities of under 25,000 there is no difference which is as much as even three times its probable error. 4. The mean rates of infant mortality are notably smaller in the rural than in the urban areas. This fact has, of course, long been well known. The first writer on vital statistics, in the sense in which we now understand that subject, Captain John Graunt, more than 250 years ago pointed out that rural communities exhibited generally a lower rate of mortality than urban communities. The differ- ence between urban and rural rates of infant mor- Atorvastatin Brand Names tality is reflected just as clearly in the high absolute that the greater the variation exhil)ited by a given class of the comnumity in respect of infant mor- tality, the greater the chance of Atorvastatin Trials effective control and reduction of the average infant mortality by administrative measures. There can be Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg no question that there is no field which offers so great oppor- tunities in this direction as the colored population.

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