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termines the rate of infant mortality. And it is real knowledge, not a atarax 50 mg priori logic, that is wanted. Let a single example illustrate. It has been maintained that excessive infant mortality is primarily the resultant of the socalled "degrading influences" of poverty, and such a contention stirs a warmly sentimental feeling of agreement in the minds of the well-meaning public zealous to do good. This relationship obviously ought to be true, therefore to ■ a too common type of mind it must be purchase atarax and buy atarax online is true. But Greenwood and Brown (2) in what may fairly be regarded the most where to buy atarax thoroughly atarax price sound. Elliott Publishing Company. 1010 PEARL: INFANT MOKTALITY. order atarax critical, and penetrating contribution which has yet been made to the problem of infant mortality are unable "to demonstrate any imambiguous associa- tion between poverty . . . and the death rate of infants." The plain fact atarax tablets 25mg is that before control or ameliora- tive measures can be applied with the maximum of efficient economy to the buy cheap atarax general public health prob- lem of infant mortality we must know a great deal more than we now clo about the factors which induce spatial and temporal differences in the rate of that mortality. But first we must get an ade- quate conception of the magnitude and character of the differences atarax tablets themselves. Let us, therefore, turn to the examination of the facts regarding variation in infant mortality in the United States birth registration area. ♦ V.-\RIATION DATA. In this work we have studied the variation in the rate of infant mortality (deaths to the thousand births) for the following groups: 1. Total population in cities of population of 25,000 or over in 1910. 2. Total population atarax online in cities of under 25.000 population in 1910. 3. Total population in rural counties of registration states. 4. White poptilation in cities of population of 25,000 or over in 1910. 5. White population in cities of under 25,000 population. 6. White population in rural counties of registration states. 7. Colored population in cities of population of 25.000 or over in 1910. 8. Colored population in cities of under 25,000 popula- tion. 9. , Colored population in rural counties of registration states. In order to make possible a better appreciation of the nature of the purchase atarax online frequency distributions a chart (Fig. 1) has been prepared. This shows for the year 1918 the frequency polygons for the total population of, a, cities of 25,000 and over, b, cities of under 25,000, and, c, rural counties. Fig. 1. order atarax online — Frequency polygons showing variation in the rate of infant mortality in 1918 for the total population of, a, cities of 25,000 and over; b, cities of under -'5,000; and, c, rural cheap atarax counties. This diagram is fairly representative of all the distributions. atarax cost The most striking immediately observable feature of these distributions is the great range of variation which they exhibit. For example in 1918 the 236 atarax 10mg cities of under 25,000 inhabitants atarax mg showed infant mortality rates ranging all the way from the class 40-59 deaths to the thousand buy atarax births to the class 300-319 deaths to the thousand births. The range of variation is even greater than this in the case of the distributions for atarax 25 mg the colored population. These extraordinarily large ranges of variation demonstrate perhaps more clearly than could be done in any other way the opportunity which exists for effective administrative control and reduction of infant mortality. If there are communities, as there are in plenty, showing infant mortality rates under a hundred deaths to the thousand births it suggests at once that it is generic atarax possible if the right meas-

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