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minutes while the patient is moved from side to side. The washing is received in a clean receptacle and is searched for particles of mucus which are placed in a sterile container to be kept for such examinations as ?eem necessary. Control of Epileptic Seizures. amoxil 250 — Irving J. Sands (State Hospital Quarterly. February, 1920). in dis- cussing the control of epileptic seizures, gives the following summary of his findings: 1. Epilepsy in the present state of information might be best regarded as a disease entity, as nothing might be gained from including under the same caption those forms of convulsions which are occasioned by defi- nite etiological agents and in which constant and definite pathological changes are seen at necropsy. amoxil 875 mg 2. To combat convulsions the drug giving the most .satisfactory results is luminal. A review of the literature and citation of cases are given to prove its usefulness and efticacy in the management of this disease. 3. Ordinary hygienic measures, proper exercise, hydrotherapy, rigid attention to the diet and to the bowels, are indispensable agents in con- trolling ejiileptic seizures. The Dose of Iron. — Albert Adler (Sclnvcizcr- isclic mcdizinischc ll'ochcnschrift, July amoxil 875 29, 1920), who is apparently Naegeli's assistant, discusses the dose of iron to be employed in chlorosis. In bad cases he gives from three to ten doses a day of 0.1 gram of reduced iron. The improvement in the blood reaches its acme in about three weeks. cheap amoxil He is more enthusiastic than Xaegeli concerning the benefit amoxil buy to be expected in the very bad cases. Action of Iron in Chlorosis. — Naegeli ( Schzveiccrischc ntcdiciitisclic Wochenschrift, July 29. 1920 ) considers that chlorosis is amoxil 250 mg in fact a torpor of the blood formation which differs in degree in dift'erent cases, and can scarcely be overcome in the worst. Iron, when given in sufficient doses, acts as a stimulant, amoxil tablets particularly of the bone marrow. In this it excites a stormy reaction, which causes quan- tities of young elements to be thrown into the blood. amoxil 500 Not only the hemoglobin amoxil price elements, but the whole of the bone marrow appears to be stimulated. The Milk Situation. — Howard Swift (Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, April 29, 1920) says that milk in a raw form often endangers the health of infants. The amount of immunity that is trans- mitted through infected milk for tuberculosis is an unknown quantity. Pasteurization, as amoxil 250mg called for by the present law, may not be so safe as is gener- ally believed. There is a considerable loss of life and impaired health directly attributable amoxil 875mg to the use of amoxil 400 infected dairy products. Under the present demand by the public, 500mg amoxil the producer cannot afford to manufacture a cleaner and better product. He urges a campaign to secure tuberculosis free milk. . Epidemic Hemeralopia Due to Lack of Vita- mines. — R. Tricoire (Paris medical, February 21, 1920) states that epidemic hemeralopia may occur in the human subject when certain vitamines of group A are lacking from the diet. The amoxil generic condition niav be classified as an avitaminosis, in conjunction with scurvy, which is due to lack of substances of the same type — liposoluble vitamines. Like other avitaminoses, epidemic hemeralopia develops only after the deficient diet purchase amoxil has been employed for a certain period of time. Apparently the avitaminoses set in only after an actual incubation period, which, in the case of epidemic hemeralopia, is probably from three to four months The hemeralopia dis- appears rapidly after the vitamines are supplied. Diabetes in Wartime. — D. Gerhardt (Sclnvci- cerischc mcdizinischc Wochenschrift. February 19, 1920) says that during the war the food conditions were more unfavorable for diabetics than for any other class of patients, so physicians looked for amoxil 500 mg a marked change for the worse in them. But these fears were not realized. On the contrary, the die- tetic restrictions had a favorable influence, which he ascribes to the low calorie content of the food, the small proportion of albumin, and the large amount of vegetables eaten. Meat and cheese were not absolutely forbidden, and the diabetics did better than amoxil order they could have been expected to do on a amoxil buy online strict antidiabetic diet without careful medical supervision. He is inclined to think that too little carbohydrate ma\- do online amoxil harm, as well as too much, and that the entire quantity of food should be limited. Proceedings of National and Local Societies AMERICAN PEDIATRIC SOCIETY. Thirty-second Annual Meeting, Held in Highland Park, III., May 31, June 1 and 2, 1920. The President, Dr. Thomas S. Southworth, of New York, in the Chair. Segregation of Pneumonia. — Dr. Thomas S. Southworth, in his presidential address, declared

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