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amount of care and mathematical calculation re- quired to make a correct feeding scale for each infant was at one time necessary for him. This book will serve as an efficient reminder and will also enable him to establish a correct diet for the most difficult feeding case in a minimum amount of time. albenza online Burnet's small book on the diseases of children covers an extensive field. When pediatrics first became a specialty a book of this scope would have been considered an undertaking of some magnitude, but today, with the subdivisions of feeding, buy cheap albenza nutri- tion, infections, and various other disorders, and the groupings of the newborn, the nursing child, it can i get albendazole over the counter is convenient to have a small textbook for refer- ence which will cover the entire field which has been so finely subdivided. The divisions are necessary for the scientific worker, but they serve little pur- pose for the practitioner. The first two chapters on the examination of sick children, which might have been made to include all children, and the points of difference between adults and children, are of especial buy albenza value. Usually the physician thinks he knows how albenza price to approach a child and how to handle it, but careful observation will show that if he woidd give the matter more thought and heed the admonitions of men of experience, like Burnet, they would make better progress. Burnet is sometimes very Vague in his treatment, and is especiallj- prone to make general sweeping statements. He assumes frequently, under this heading, that the physician knows what to do, even to the point of com- pletely ignoring his generalized instructions when they are not found satisfactory. In the chapter on mental and order albenza online nervous disease, many statements are made in regard to diagnosis, and more espe- cially in regard to treatjnent and prognosis, to which the modern neurologist will take exception. There order albenza is too albenza tablets much generalization and apparently in this field the author is not as much at home as in some of the other sections of the book. Burnet makes a needless apology for the inclusion of the diseases of the ear, nose and throat. This section is a most necessary one, for frequently diseases which would eventually become systemic can be detected by a careful observation albenza 200 mg of these special organs. Again, much infonnation of value will come from albendazole albenza a care- ful examination of these anatomical parts in every case. Hess presents no new or startling ideas in his book on the Practice of Infant Feeding. In fact, most of the ideas set forth are a resume of the work of other writers. However, he has endeavored to purchase albenza online pick out the best methods, the most simple and the most satisfactory, and give them to the reader in a simple fashion so as not to complicate matters too albenza cost much. The computation of feedings and feed- ing generic albenza time for the general practitioner has always been somewhat of a puzzle and frequently a bore. It is hard for a busy physician to realize the difTerence in the dietary between his own and a very young infant. It is hard for him to realize that the New editions of Birk on the diseases of the nurs- ing child have been rather cheap albenza prolific. Less than albenza 400mg a year elapsed between the third and fourth editions. Due to the adverse living conditions in the central European coimtries, on account of the war, many new problems have confronted the pediatrists. Birk is mebendazole albendazole over counter very thorough in the field he covers. In his analysis of feeding conditions he presents some graphic fomiulje which are extremely simple. When he speaks of the chemistry of food he is somewhat didactic. He goes into a careful examination of the comparative values of cow's milk and breast milk. First we have the pathology and physiology of the stillborn, the premature child and the socalled normal child. Then come the nursing problems and hygiene, the disorders of alimentation, and finally the various diseases and disorders. The book is of especial value to the pediatrists in buy albenza online this country, for it contains a vast amount of work which was done in the Germanic coimtries during the war and which has been inaccessible to tlie physicians in this country. * * * Birk's second book on the diseases of children older than the nursing age is a first edition and should not be confused with his book for nursing children. Here he handles in a very satisfactory fashion the common infections. He places more emphasis on the treatment and diagnosis. He does not pretend to cover the entire field, but the subjects can you buy albendazole over counter he covers are well done His writing is not in- volved and has a certain amoimt of wholesome vigor that takes away from the ordinary textbook monotony. On the whole, his presentations are good. The second book of the series is not as finished as the book on suckling purchase albenza infants, but con- tains many illuminating deductions.

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