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has followed the excellent example set by Southard and (ireen in publishing his works in the form of case cheap actos histories. While we have been accustomed to seeing case histories quoted in papers and even in textbooks, actos tablets we have generic for actos not had them presented to us in the same way before. In this instance the emphasis is placed on the case history. It is an individual example. It acquires individuality by virtue of the variations it possesses and these varia- tions are the puzzling things encountered in medical practice which make a differential diagnosis difficult. Autopsy reports frec|uently tell the final story of a wrong diagnosis. We are too prone to seize on a symptom or syndrome in a certain case and con- clude our diagnosis, forgetting for the moment that other diseases may present a similar train of symp- toms. From the study of case liistories, or, we may say, the study of additional patients, for that is all it amounts to, we learn to look upon price of actos each patient as an individual suffering from some mal- adjustment to surrounding conditions ; we realize that a certain individual, even an infant, will react much the same to many different infections or afflictions. In this way the patient becomes the more important, the disease the less important problem. Morse takes us to his clinic and presents two hundred case histories of actual patients. His object is to illustrate the diagnosis, prognosis, and the treatment of the diseases of infancy and child- hood. He also gives an introduction which deals with the normal buy cheap actos developinent and physical examina- tion of infants and children We are told all this on the frontispiece, but it covers the ground. A book of this kind acts as a stimulus to the prac- titioner, for it brings to him the familiar phases actos online and conditions as he encounters them at the bedside and at the clinic. It is far more stimulating than the cut and dried cost of actos statements generally found in the ordinary textbook. This is the third edition of the work. In it the table of growth for the first four years has ampli- fied, a blood pressure table has been added, there is additional comment on congenital obliteration of the bile ducts, obstetrical paralysis is discussed and directions given for serum treatment. The entire section on the gastroenteric tract has been rewritten, and case reports given of indigestion from an excess of breast milk, of artificial food, of fat in artificial food, of sugar, of maltose, and of starch. A valua- ble chapter has been added on actos cost the home modification "of infant foods and the determination of their composition and value. The directions for the administration of salvarsan and mercury have iieen extended. Many other parts have been added to and changed. There has been no fear shown in discarding methods proved to be superseded by others more purchase actos online advantageous, nor in adopting others more efficacious, no matter from what source they came. More light is shed on tetany, actos price the treatment of whooping cough, nephritis, food values, and enuresis. There is a freedom in the handling actos 15 mg of these subjects that is gratifying. The book order actos falls naturally into three divisions, the nonnal child, infant feeding, and the diseases oj children. order actos online More could be said in praise of the book, but the prac- titioner can readily see the advantage of a textbook which handles the problem from the viewpoint of the case history, and Professor Morse has the faculty of giving a most human touch to the subjects he actos buy online brings before his readers. Morse actos 30 mg and Talbot have revised their textbook on Diseases of. Nutrition and Infant Feeding. The methods described are those actos 45 mg taught in the Harvard Medical School. The various generic actos aspects of infant feeding are described. The advantages and disad- vantages of changes from normal feeding are taken up in detail fron: the chemical and biological view- points. The proteins, fats, sugars, starches and Dccimb.T 18, 1920] BOOK RElIE}rS. 1001 salts are taken up and actos generic name discussed in turn. Breast feeding also occasions disorders. The subject of the wet nurse is also presented. Then the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are discussed in detail, and actos mg the book closes with a section on the diseases of nutrition. A very broad attitude is taken throughout the book and extensive references are

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