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Police Association Oppose Hospital Project. — The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, which has a membership of nearly 10,000 of the Is There A Generic For Aciphex rank and file of the uniformed force, has Aciphex Generic Available gone on record as being opposed to the proposed $5,000,000 Police Hospital. Opposition to the hospital is based on six points, among which were that the patrolmen did not wish to be regarded as objects of charity, and that there was no When Will Aciphex Go Generic need for sitch a hospital. Child Labor Increasing. — The National Child Labor Committee calls attention to the fact that in spite of increasing adult unemployment more chil- dreh left school to go to work in Aciphex Coupon Rebate 1920 in many in- dustrial centres than in 1919. Fourteen states re- Aciphex Generic Name port an increase in child labor during the first six or eight months of 1920. In New York city 5,283 more children applied for work permits in the first six months of 1920 than in the same period last year, Buy Generic Aciphex but in the last three mondis there has been a decrease in applications so that the total increase is onl}- 2..353. In Baltimore County, Md., there were 4,064 more applications for work permits up to October 31, 1920, than in 1919, while during the summer the Chicago authorities reported an in- crease of 13,000, and in Minnesota there was an increase of 193 per cent, since 1915. Yellow Fever Control. — A new factor has been introduced in yellow fever control by the possibility of rendering persons immune to the disease by vaccination. People going to tropical countries are now being vaccinated at Aciphex Discount Card the Broad Street Generic Name For Aciphex Hospital, the vaccine being furnished by the Rockefeller Institute. This vaccine for yellow fever was dis- covered by Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, of the Rockefeller Institute. The first shipment of vaccine from the Rockefeller Institute to Purchase Aciphex Online tropical countries was made a year ago, when three hundred bottles were sent to Mexico. Other shipments have been made since then, Aciphex Tablets the latest on November 10th. All vac- cine supplied to Mexico is Aciphex Pi sent to Aciphex Buy the Mexican Department of Health, which arranges for its dis- tribution. The Central American coimtries are so well convinced of the efificacy of Dr. Noguchi's vaccine that they are permitting travel without quarantine detention Aciphex Savings Card of those who have been success- fully vaccinated. Boston Meeting of the A. M. A. — The local Committee on Arrangements for the annual meet- ing of the American Medical Association, to be held What Is Aciphex 20 Mg in Boston, June 6 to 10, 1921, has been organized as follows: Chairman, Dr. F. B. Lund; secretary. Dr. Richard H. Miller. Subcommittee on finance Aciphex Rebate Coupon : chairman. Dr. Hugh Williams ; secretary, Aciphex Generic Equivalent Dr. Channing Frothingham; treasurer. Dr. A. Wil- liam Reggio. Subcommittee on sections: chairman. Dr. William H. Robey, Jr.; secretary. Dr. H. Archibald Nissen. Subcommittee on exhibits and printing: chairman, Dr. D. F. Jones; Order Aciphex Online secretary. Dr. George Gilbert Smith. Subcommittee on hotels : chairman. Dr. John T. Bottomley; secretary, Dr. Stephen Rushmore. Subcommittee on entertain- ments: chairman. Dr. C. A. Porter; Buy Cheap Aciphex secretary. Dr. A. W. Allen. Subcommittee on registration: chair- man. Dr. A. S. Begg; secretary. Dr. Samuel R. Meaker. Subcommittee on clinics: chairman, Dr. J. C. Hubbard ; secretary. Dr. R. S. Eustis. Meetings of Local Medical Aciphex 40 Mg Societies. — The fol- lowing medical societies will meet in New York during the coming week : Monday, December soth. — New York .Academy of Medi- cine (Section in Ophthalmclog>) ; Medical Association of the Greater City of New York : Psychiatric Society of Ward's Island ; Yorla'ille Medical Society. Tuesday, December 2ist. — New York Academy of Medi- cine (Section in Medicine) ; Federation of Medical Eco- nomic Leagues. Wednesday, December 22nd. — New York ."Kcademy of Medicine (Section in Laryngology and Rhinology) ; New York Society of Internal Medicine; Brooklyn Pediatric Society. Thursd.'VY, December 2srd. — New York Physicians' .As- sociation ; Ex-Intern Society of Methodist Episcopal Hos- pital, Brooklyn; Hospital Graduates' Club. New York. Friday, December 24th. — Academy of Pathological Sciences ; .\udubon Medical Society ; New York Clinical Society; Brooklyn Society of Internal Medicine (annual). Personal. — Professor C. E. .-V. Winslow-, of Yale University, will direct the public health work of the League of Red Cross Societies in Europe, and has been granted leave of absence for five months, beginning February 1, 1921. Dr. A. Strachstein has been appointed chief of clinic and cystoscopist to the Bronx Hospital. Dr. George L. Laporte has resigned as assistant

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