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gram will include the following papers: Use of Radium in Gynecology, by Dr. Howard C. Taylor: Use of Radium in Surgery, by Dr. _W. S. Schley; Use of Radium in Genitourinary Diseases, by Dr. B. S. Barringer. Among those who will Aciclovir Buy take part in the discussion are Dr. Robert Abbe, Dr. James Ewing, Dr. William S. Stone, Dr. D. C. Moriarta, Dr. C. E. Field, Dr. James A. Corscaden, Dr. George Willis, Dr. Oswald S. Lowsley, Dr. E. L. Keyes, Jr., and Dr. Winfield Ayres. Dietitians Wanted by the Public Health Buy Aciclovir Tablets Uk Serv- ice.— The United States Public Health Service announces that dietitians are needed in the hospitals of the service. Women graduates of schools of household economics, who have had student train- ing or hospital experience in civilian or Army hos- pitals, are eligible for appointment. The work, which has to do w"ith the victualing of the hospitals, was transferred a year ago from the pharmacists to a newly established dietitian service. The sec- tion has steadily expanded, Aciclovir Cream Bp but owing Aciclovir Eye Ointment to the open- ing of many new hospitals and the enlargement of those already in operation the dietetic personnel is as yet not Buy Aciclovir Online nearly up to the requirements. Applica- tions for appointment should be made to the Sur- geon General, United States Public Health Service, Washington, D. C. Bequests to Hospitals. — By the will of the late Commodore Elias C. Benedict, the Flower Hospital and the Ophthalmic Hospital, of New York, will Aciclovir Tablets To Buy each receive $150,000. By the will of the late Buy Aciclovir Tablets Francis Lynde Stetson, St. Luke's Hospital and the Lying-in Hospital, New York, will each receive Valaciclovir Vs Aciclovir $25,000. Psychopathic Hospitals for Soldiers. — Senator Wadsworth, of New York, has introduced a reso- lution authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to lease from New York State a $3,000,000 hospital for the care of nervous and mental disease cases among disabled soldiers, which would be built in New York city. The resolution also would give the Treasury Department authority Aciclovir Tablets 800mg to lease any other hospitals built for like purposes by other .States. Life History of Mosquito Shown in Moving Pictures. — A new motion picture film, prepared at Where To Buy Aciclovir the request of the Aciclovir Cold Sore United States Public Health Service, presents the life history of the mosquito, especially of the kind that transmits malaria germs and costs the United States people about $200,000 a year by so doing. The Aciclovir Dispersible Tablets film was exhibited for the first Aciclovir Cold Sore Cream time at the meeting of the Southern Medical Association held Buy Aciclovir recently in Louisville, Kentucky. Women Ask for $4,000,000 Appropriation to Reduce Infant Mortality. — The women of the United States have asked Congress to appropriate $4,000,000 to carry on a campaign of education among young mothers. They call attention to the fact that last year there were 250,000 deaths of infants in America, or about 20,000 a month, and most of these deaths could have been averted by proper attention. In 1918, 23,000 mothers died from preventable causes. Fully eighty per cent. of the cases investigated Aciclovir Tablets Buy Online showed that lack of care was the principal cause of death. The Sheppard- Towner Bill which will be presented to Congress soon provides for an appropriation of $2,000,000 at first, with an annual increase until the sum equals $4,000,000. The various states will be asked to cooperate by appropriating dollar for dollar with the federal government. Inadequate Hospital Accommodation for Ex- Service Men. — Surgeon General Hugh S. Gum- ming, of the United States Public Health Service, calls attention to the fact that additional hospital facilities are needed for the treatment of former service men and women, and recommends the ap- pointment of an administrative head for the three major agencies involved in rehabilitation work. Emphasizing the need for additional hospital facili- ties, Dr. Gumming pointed out that twenty thousand patients were receiving hospital Aciclovir Tablets 200mg care from the Pub- lic Health Service on July 1, 1920, compared with two thousand in October, 1919, and urged that Con- gress make available funds for new construction. Many of the hospitals now owned and operated by the Public Health Service are dilapidated. These patients will require treatment for long periods of time, and their demand is for care and treatment in Aciclovir Bp Aciclovir 800mg sjovernmental institutions. Decenih.r 18, 1920.] NEWS ITEMS. Aciclovir 5 Cream 999

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